Copper Candle Covers

by Chan Vu, Jan 06 2017

A new year calls for a new look in my home. Details matter that is why in 2017 I am incorporating detailed upgrades to my home. I'm inspired by those beautiful asymmetrical metallic candle covers but it's expensive. Luckily, I found a money-saving way to hack this copycat version of a copper candle cover for under $10!

Easy DIY Copper Candle Cover


Three 3/16" x 36" wooden dowels

X-acto knife


hot glue

mason jar lid ring

Krylon copper spray paint


How to DIY Copper Candle Covers


(Simple square candle holder)

1. Cut the wooden dowels into four 6 inch, four 3.5 inch and three 3 inch sticks.

2. Hot glue the 6 inch sticks into a square, then the 3.5 inches into a square. Let it dry completely before going to step 3.

3. Connect the corners of the small square with the large square using hot glue. Make sure the corner stick are glued on at an angle to line up with the large square. Use the remaining 3 inch sticks to make a pyramid by gluing the corners together. Let the glue dry completely before going to step 4.

4.Spray paint the structures with copper paint all around. Also spray paint the mason jar lid ring. Let the glue dry.

5. Put the candle inside the mason jar lid ring and the copper candle cover over the candle. Use a small tea light for the pyramid cover but it's still cool without a candle.

DIY Copper Candle Cover

DIY Copper Candle Cover Challenge


Once you are familiar with cutting the sticks and using hot glue, challenge yourself to make different shapes and designs like the one featured in this article. Share it on social media and tag @craftboxgirls. Use #craftsquad and #nationaldiyday to show us your latest DIY creation.



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