DIY Play Food

by DIY DAY Ambassador, Mar 14 2017

A few months ago I was cleaning out our office/craft room when I came across these fabric scraps left over from the window curtains we made back when we did our kitchen renovation. The scraps were in perfectly good condition but there just wasn't enough of them to sew anything substantial like a tablecloth or kitchen towel. Throwing them out wasn't an option because we don't like to waste so I muddled over for weeks to see what I could make. Then one day we were playing "kitchen" with my son's toy cookware set and it sort of clicked. I would take advantage of the fun fruit and vegetable pattern on the fabric to turn them into play food. 

DIY Play food

I suppose if I had a larger sheet of fabric, I could have cut out two of each fruit/vegetable to sew together and stuff. Since I only had smaller pieces, I made due with what I had and used Peel & Stick felt to both give the food some structure and to prevent the edges from fraying further. I had so much fun making these and our son really enjoyed pretending to cook with them. He also loved naming the different foods which made for an excellent learning activity. If you're a parent looking for a DIY craft project, learning activity, or something that will entertain during playtime then you'll really want to try this simple IKEA hack that fulfills all three criteria. Our son is not yet two years old and definitely unable to color in between lines but I imagine older children would really delight in coloring their own food to play with. With out further ado, here's what you'll need to get started. And lastly, Bon Appetit!​​​​​​​​​​​​

1 yard Hemtrevnad Fabric ($5.99)
Peel & Stick Felt ($1.19/piece)
Fabric Markers

DIY Play food


1. Using fabric markers, color in the fruit and vegetables any which way you like. I tried cutting out the fruits and vegetables first but found it much easier to color it as a sheet as opposed to small pieces.

DIY Play food

2. Cut out the colored fruits and vegetables.

3. Arrange the fruits and vegetables on a sheet of Peel & Stick felt. Peel off the backing and press down to ensure they stick well.

DIY Play food

4. Cut out the fruit and vegetable pieces from the felt. Press them firmly between the palms of your hand to make sure they are secure.

DIY Play food

5. Let your imagination run wild as you battle it out in Kitchen Stadium ;)

DIY Play food

What are some of your favorite DIY kid activities? We would love to hear from you!

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