Monster Be Gone Spray

by Chan Vu, Apr 22 2016

Have you even been woken up by your kid crying and screaming to monsters being in their room? (I was that kid once.) The only thing that can calm your child down is to investigate where those non-existing monsters could be hiding. That could take all night. As working parents, you don't have all night. The solution to this is to get rid of monsters. Yep! Get rid of monsters with a Monster Be Gone spray. 

Your child has a big imagination. With his or her active imagination running wild all day long, it's no wonder they dream about monsters at night. Play along with them by using Monster Be Gone to get rid of monsters. 


1 spray bottle


adhesive label

download Monster Be Gone label


Fill the bottle with water. Stick on the Monster Be Gone label. You can download the label right below. Resize it then print the image on an adhesive label. Stick it on any spray bottle. Spray it in the air before bed time or each time they scream monster. Make sure they see you spray it. 

Keep the bottle by your kid's bed for an all night protection against monsters. You can also use an air freshener bottle to "poison" the monsters in hiding. Works like a charm. Goodbye monsters, hello good night sleep!

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