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by DIY DAY Ambassador, Mar 23 2017
Hi! I’m Kristy from where we share home design, decor, and DIY ideas inspired by vintage charm. I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for this year’s National DIY Day.

In addition to our DIY projects around the house, my husband and I are modern makers. We love hunting for flea market finds and discovering architectural salvage that we can repurpose into chic home decor.  

My eclectic style is filled with vintage frills that we find at the flea market. And, maps and globes happen to be my JAM! You can see how I decorate with my vintage globe collection on my blog. There’s something about geographic finds like these that I can’t pass up. 

Old maps are fun to use in a variety of DIY projects. So, be on the lookout when you’re at the flea market or in the thrift store. Today I’m sharing how we like to repurpose a vintage map into a handy message board for your home. 

This project uses an old window frame. The glass was broken but I adored the old hardware that was still attached. We only paid a few dollars for it at an auction. There are lots of other things you could use in this project as well - an empty picture frame, a scrap piece of wood, or even just some plain posterboard. Be creative - you just need a firm surface for your push pins. 

Here are the supplies you’ll need to tackle this DIY project yourself:

  • A frame of some kind
  • A travel map or a page from an old atlas
  • Some foam core posterboard
  • Decoupage medium and foam brush
  • Paint (if desired) 
  • Scrap wood for attaching the poster board
  • Staple gun or hammer/nails

The map we are using is from an old school file. It illustrates marine sedimentation and major oil/gas production. To be honest, I chose it because I loved the retro colors and the fact that it had very few words and labels. 

First, you’ll want to measure the opening of your frame to fit the poster board. I like using this because it’s light and holds push pins well.

Then you’ll need to figure out which part of your map you’d like to use. Be sure to leave an extra half inch border when trimming to fit. Use decoupage to adhere it to the board. I like to do half of the map at a time. Decoupage can be tricky and working with smaller sections tends to help. Just ignore my messy workspace.

Once the decoupage is dry, you’re ready to fit it into your frame. This is where using a window or picture frame is handy because there is already a groove to hold the poster board in place. 

I used some scrap trim and my staple gun to hold it in place. It’s not pretty but it makes it sturdy.

Add some push pins and you have an adorable and ORIGINAL message board. This would be perfect for a kids room, your home office or even the kitchen! 

I hope you enjoy this DIY Window Map Message Board and try using maps in your next DIY or craft project. For more DIY map project ideas, just search “map” at

Thanks for helping us celebrate National DIY Day!

Created by Kristy Robb

National DIY DAY Ambassador| Robb Restyle

Fowler, Indiana

Robb Restyle is a blog about home design, decor and DIY inspired by vintage charm. Me and my husband Corey are DIY enthusiasts and wanderlusts for repurposed vintage. In between home projects we are thrifty treasure hunters exploring flea markets, thrift shops, estate sales, and auctions. We consider ourselves modern makers, repurposing and upcycling many of our finds into chic home decor. Our aesthetic is an eclectic mix of styles - farmhouse, vintage, industrial and modern. We love sharing our story and our passion with others. If we didn’t have a shop or a blog, we would still be picking, curating, making and decorating… our love for all things old, rusty, retro and vintage runs deep in our veins.

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