Easy DIY Stamped Pencil Case

by DIY DAY Ambassador, Mar 22 2017

One of my favourite things to make is little pouches and cases. Simple canvas pencil cases are an excellent way to ease into sewing zippers. In this little DIY, I am going to show you an easy want to make not only a pencil case with a zipper but how to stamp it and really make it you! Even the most beginner sewist will be able to make this little case!

What you will need:

  • 2 pieces of canvas that measure 9 inches by 5 inches

  • 9 inch Zipper

  • Stamps

  • Mixed Media Ink Stamp Pad. Make sure it is fabric friendly!

  • Clips or pins

  • Sewing Supplies

  • Standard Glue Stick

First we will get the stamp ready. Don’t press the stamp into the pad, rather, flip the stamp upside down and press the ink where you want it. This gives you much better coverage!

Now firmly press that onto one of your pieces of canvas. Once stamped, iron it with a cotton setting (no steam) to heat set the ink!

To install the zipper across the top, you want to fold the top edge down ¼ inch and give it a good press with your iron.

​With your glue stick, apply some glue along that folded overhang.

That glue is going to hold your fabric in place along the zipper tape. Firmly finger press it in place with one edge at the very end of the zipper.

Stitch across the top of your canvas, ⅛ inch away from the folded edge

Repeat for the other side. Make sure all edges are lined up!

Now open up your zipper almost all the way!

Fold it in half so that all raw edges are now touching. Clip it in place.

Make sure that your zipper “teeth” are sticking UP and clip them so they stay like that! Having them sit this way gives you perfect corners in the end!

Stitch around the 3 raw edges, ¼ inch away from the edge. Make sure you go back and forth over the beginning and end to secure those spots. Clip that excess zipper end off.

Flip it out so you can see the right side and give it a good press! You can use a pointed object to push the corners out nicely, I use a crochet hook!

Now fill it with all your pens, pencils and other stationery goods!

Have fun with all kinds of stamps and you can make different ones for all your friends!

Mix things up with different stamps, ink colours and zippers! You could even stamp them for different holidays or even birthdays. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy creating your own pencil cases, it’s an excellent way to get the creative juices flowing for National DIY Day. Thanks for reading.

Happy Creating!

Created by Aimee Leptick

National DIY DAY Ambassador| The Little Bird Designs

Peterborough, Ontario Canada

My blog is based around handmade bags, accessories and fabric crafts but I do also love to share recipes! I started it as a way to document my handmade business and it just took off from there! I now include tutorials and recipes alongside my creations in hopes to inspire more people to get creative in their lives! I also love sharing the resources that I find and use to grow my blog and business.

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