Faux Succulent Wreath

by DIY DAY Ambassador, Mar 29 2017

Its not often I get the opportunity to be an ambassador for National DIY Day, so I've been really excited and I've been looking forward to sharing more DIY's with you. 

Today I'm sharing another fun and easy Spring inspired DIY that basically anyone on a budget including myself can make because they're all items I found and bought from the Dollar store.  My inspiration came from here!  

My goal was to find all of my items at the dollar store, all items for a dollar or less, for the purpose of saving and usually in the Spring, the Dollartree tends to carry a lot of Spring crafty items.

I must confess though, they unfortunately did not have the mini terracotta pots in stock at the dollar store therefore I did have to buy those at Joann's but they were definitely under a $1.



*14″ foam wreath

*Different sizes of terra cotta pots

*Gardening wire 


*Faux succulents

*Burlap Ribbon for wrapping around wreath and hanging the wreath

*Glue Gun

This project is fairly simple to put together you simply want to intertwine the pots with the wire and hot glue them in place before adding the moss and faux plants.  You can play around with it and whatever seems suitable for you and appealing to the eye will work.  Its an imperfect craft that can basically turn out perfect no matter what.

I'll be hanging this pretty wreath outside our backyard gate, we normally have guests or neighbors who pass by or come in and out of that area without the high traffic or slamming of a front door, so I think it'll be a treat to have it there and will last throughout the season into Summer hopefully.

Don't forget to let me know your thoughts and please share your ideas too, I'm happy to hear all about them

Don't forget that this DIY and the cause behind it all is to help support our teachers, schools and kids in helping them grow.

Craft Box Girls and Charmed Crown Blog are excited to support AdoptAClassroom.org through our National DIY Day campaign (April 2nd). Our team has committed to raising at least $5000 for AdoptAClassroom.org (of course, we always hope to raise more) to get school and art supplies back in the hands of students and teachers nationwide. I would really appreciate it if you can help by making a donation or sharing our gofundme page to help spread the word! 

We have awesome rewards (t-shirts, tanks, totes, craft book) for making a donation! 

Thank you for your continued support! 

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