Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2018 National DIY Day Ambassadors! 
While you wait check out the National DIY Day Ambassadors from 2017!!

{ Brittany Young }
Bowling Green, KY | Certified Celebrator

Certified Celebrator was created to inspire women to turn a house into a home; a place that brings joy, celebrations, and encourages unforgettable family memories. DIY tutorials are inspired by holidays and seasons. I started my blog as a place to store projects I was creating in my home. Quickly after, I noticed other celebrating enthusiast recreating and using our projects for inspiration. Read more about Brittany here.
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{ Kat Verrino-Keeling }
Tucson, Arizona | Whimsical Cakers Tree House Cakes
We launched "Whimsical Cakers & Confetti Makers" with the goal of bringing together creative souls from all over the world and of all backgrounds who aren't afraid to be themselves and take whisks (pun intended)! We want to teach people how channel their creative magical powers and use them to bring positivity and unity back to the table. Our world is a little crazy right now... and we really wanted to create a little corner where anyone can come and be true to who they are and express it in creative ways. It's a place where we create cakes, plan parties, celebrate everyday victories with confetti, and sprinkle kindness wherever we can. It's not just a blog ~ it's a community! Read more about Kat here.
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{ Scottie Vosburgh }
National DIY Ambassador | Saved by Scottie
Creative force and tool junkie who's not afraid to really screw something up in the pursuit of knowledge, education, and fun.
 Read more about Scottie here.
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{ Sainab }
My blog is an interior and creative lifestyle blog which I started after moving into my new flat. I wanted to show snippets into my little world of getting settled in and decorating my new home. As I have always been such a craftsy person, doing DIY's just naturally became a part of making it a home for my family and I. Read more about Sainab here.
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{ Monica Hui }
Calgary, Alberta| Wishahmon
Wishahmon started off as my wedding planning company blog. After I had my daughter, I revamped my website to a lifestyle blog featuring DIYs for kids. My blog now features quick DIYs for busy moms to really cool DIYs that all kids would want. Read more about Monica here.
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{ Shelly }
London, ON | 100Things2Do started as a challenge to myself.  I was home with my two young girls and needed to come up with a way to entertain them and keep myself sane in the process.  The blog began with the "100Things2Do This Summer" checklist and has evolved to include refinishing, repurposing, building and crafting as well. It is A Home & Lifestyle blog featuring crafts, DIY, organization and family fun. Read more about Shelly here.

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{ Julie Hoag }
Centerville,  MN | Julie Hoag
I write blog posts about motherhood, kids, family, recipes, DIY, pets, travel, and faith. I started my blog because I wanted to write and be a published writer. I started the blog because I love to express myself creatively through recipe creation for both vegetarian and hybrid vegetarian/meat recipes; I believe cooking is a form of art. My desire to start my blog also stemmed from my desire to express myself creatively through my DIY and other creative ideas. I love to share information and helpful tips with people for life, cooking, and pet care. I enjoy sharing lifestyle topics for the enjoyment of life as well. I am also an amateur photographer so I love taking pictures, and this of course works well with a blog because I can use many of my own pictures in my posts. At times I will write about faith and travel topics as they pertain to families. Read more about Julie here.
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{ Jessica Litman }
Chicago, IL | The Organized Mama
The Organized Mama is an organizing and crafting blog, which inspires organizing a handmade home through crafting and organizing tutorials! I started The Organized Mama out of a desire to help others feel more inspired about organizing and utilizing their crafty side. The two really mesh well together as you need to be creative to organize well! Read more about Jessica here.
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{ Sophie Prescott }
Wivenhoe UK | DIY Blonde
DiY Blonde is a fresh and funky brand, mixing DIY, Interiors, Craft and Property advice together to give the viewer the opportunity to put their creative input on their homes, but without breaking the bank - which let's face it helps us all! It is my mission to lose the ‘mumsy’ tag on crafting and to encourage a younger generation to ‘make’ before they ‘buy’. With the rise of upcycling and homemade gifting, this has been the perfect time for the DiY Blonde brand to thrive and helping people to create the home of their dreams, but on a budget is so important to me. After working as an Interior Journalist and now as an almost qualified Interior designer, I wanted my own blog to share my creative ideas with the world. I have since become a TV craft expert also, so having is a great place to display my ideas and tips. I just hope to inspire people to have the home they have always wanted, without any limitations. Read more about Sophie here.
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{ Dena Stormer }
National DIY DAY T-shirt Designer |
Atlanta, Ga | Hearts & Sharts
While my main focus is the shop, the blog side of Hearts & Sharts is a fun mix of sewing and DIY projects, cheeky bathroom humor and more recently, illustration and pattern design. Read more about Dena here.
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{ Andrea Mendez }
National DIY DAY T-shirt Designers | 
Coral Gables, Florida | Vintage Unicorn
My website is my portfolio to showcase my graphic design and hand lettering work. Read more about Andrea here.
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{ Megan Chamberlin }
Oswego, Illinois | Cmongetcrafty
While I originally started my blog as a way to share my crafty endeavors, it has blossomed into more of a focus for my own creativity. I am constantly inspired by others who influence the crafts, tutorials, and methods I employ for myself. Read more about Megan here.
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{ Aimee Leptick }
Peterborough Ontario Canada | The Little Bird Designs
My blog is based around handmade bags, accessories and fabric crafts but I do also love to share recipes! I started it as a way to document my handmade business and it just took off from there! I now include tutorials and recipes alongside my creations in hopes to inspire more people to get creative in their lives! I also love sharing the resources that I find and use to grow my blog and business. Read more about Aimee here.
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{ Megan Baughman }
Royal Oak, MI | Megan Makes
My blog is actually a YouTube channel... it's a DIY, recipe, fashion and product review channel. I started it because I was originally writing DIY blog posts instead of videos, but realized I was a lot better at video editing and camera work than writing, so I transitioned from a traditional blog to more of a "vlog." The concept is exactly the same, just more visual! I started my original blog because I was constantly DIY-ing things and I wanted others to see what I was up to (it was my first year out of college). It sparked an interest with my Facebook friends, so I just went from there! Read more about Megan here.
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{ Adrienne Brown }
Jackson, MS | Wonderful Creations
Wonderful Creations is a craft blog full of fun and inexpensive DIY tutorials. I started my blog because I wanted a place to share my creative projects and connect with other makers. Read more about Adrienne here.
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{ Kristy Robb }
Fowler, Indiana | Robb Restyle
Robb Restyle is a blog about home design, decor and DIY inspired by vintage charm. My husband, Corey, and I are DIY enthusiasts and wanderlusts for repurposed vintage. In between home projects we are thrifty treasure hunters exploring flea markets, thrift shops, estate sales, and auctions. We consider ourselves modern makers, repurposing and upcycling many of our finds into chic home decor. Our aesthetic is an eclectic mix of styles - farmhouse, vintage, industrial and modern. We love sharing our story and our passion with others. If we didn’t have a shop or a blog, we would still be picking, curating, making and decorating… our love for all things old, rusty, retro and vintage runs deep in our veins. Read more about Kristy here.
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{ Michelle Bazeley }
Louisville, KY | Hot Wheels and Glue Guns
Hot Wheels and Glue guns is a memory keeping and crafting blog. Read more about Michelle Bazeley here.
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{ Jennifer Herrera }
San Antonio, Texas | Make San Antonio
Make San Antonio is a creative hub for makers of all ages. We’re based in San Antonio, Texas and have a goal to foster innovation and collaboration. Our blog serves as a place to post the details behind our projects, and how they came to be. Read more about Jennifer here.
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{ The Cozy Home Chronicles }
Dearborn, MI | The Cozy Home Chronicles
We are a husband & wife team that run a lifestyle blog documenting our DIY projects, family life, and creative pursuits. We love making things and we love the challenge of learning new skills. We started the blog as a creative outlet to document our home renovation projects and ideas for cozy, simple living, both for the fun of it and the memories, but also in the hopes of inspiring others to take on even the seemingly toughest DIY projects. Read more about The Cozy Home Chronicles here.
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Martha McGlothlin }
Bristol, VA | Martha + Jane
Martha + Jane is a home decor and DIY blog, with an emphasis on how to incorporate children into your home and make it feel more lived in. I started it because I love to write, and I love to decorate and work with tools. What better way to combine all of that than a blog? I've got four young children, so I really wanted to focus on how they play in the entire house, how their artwork is displayed, and the fun memories we make by just allowing them to be kids in the house. Read more about Martha here.
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{ Ashley Spearman }
Atlanta, GA  | The Handy Homegirl
The Handy Homegirl is a fun DIY, home decor and lifestyle destination where creators can find tutorials and motivation to create the life they love.  I started this blog because, like most people, I had caviar taste with a ramen noodle budget and I wanted to share with people how I created furniture and designed my home on a modest budget. Read more about Ashley here.
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Fountain Valley, CA | Charmed Crown
I started my blog for the purpose of sharing my interests and my interests include creating and re purposing and lots and lots of painting! Read more about Sandra here.
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