Happy Birthday Wreath

by DIY DAY Ambassador, Mar 28 2017

Reuse Cupcake Rings for a Happy Birthday Wreath and More

By Julie Hoag

Happy Birthday Wreath

What does a mom do with all those cupcake rings from kid birthday parties? If your house is anything like mine, the kids come home from birthday parties with a cute fun ring they want to keep, but literally never touch again. We have them scattered throughout the house in toy boxes, bins, closets, and drawers. I find them literally everywhere! In this DIY post, I am sharing how to reuse those cupcake rings in fun and functional ways for future parties including as decorations in a Happy Birthday Wreath, as napkin rings, and as party favors.

In my family, we have a simple decoration we put on the wall when we have a birthday. It is a simple printed bouquet of balloons on thick paper with Happy Birthday printed on it. But it is a very big deal and so important to leave up for the birthday week. I know this because my kids tell me so! Something I started for fun when they were very little has come to be super important to them now. Decorating for a child’s birthday is a fun simple way to celebrate whether you throw a big party or not. Add a Happy Birthday wreath to the wall and watch your kids’ eyes light up. They will ask for that wreath each year for their birthday, and the beautiful thing is you can pull it out of a box and you have an instant decoration.

How to Make the Happy Birthday Wreath

I love this wreath because it is easy, cheap to make, and kids could even help make it. This wreath is quick to make; I made it in about an hour. I made this wreath using supplies from Micheals for only $17.63. I already had a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and craft wire from another project, so if you don’t have these items, your wreath will cost a little more. I already had the cupcake rings in the house so I didn’t have to buy those either. I was thrilled to reuse them.

Supply List

To make this wreath you will need the following supplies:

Grapevine wreath about a foot and a half wide $4.99

3 yards blue burlap jute ribbon (2 ½ inches wide) $4.99

3 yards printed ribbon (5/8 inch wide) I used music note ribbon for $1.00 from closeout bin

3 yards green sparkled ribbon (7/8 inch wide) $2.49

Sheet of Happy Birthday stickers $2.99

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (I already had at home)

Craft wire (I already had at home)

12 Cupcake rings (I already had at home)

Happy Birthday Wreath

The first step involves simply wrapping the blue burlap jute ribbon around the grapevine wreath. Secure it to the wreath on the backside at various points with hot glue.  Be sure to retain a piece for the Happy Birthday sign long enough for your sticker to fit on.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Next, insert some of the cupcake rings at various locations of your choosing around the wreath. I do this to help secure their places before adding the other two ribbons. I’ve found some plastic rings are slightly flexible and the ring portion can be spread slightly to slip onto the twigs. Some cupcake rings are stiffer making them harder to snap onto the grapevine twigs, if it will not easily slip onto the twigs, simply load the ring up with hot glue and insert in between the twigs.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Cut out the Happy Birthday sticker leaving the sticker backing on the sticker.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Grab a piece of cardboard to assist you with this step. Load up the sticker backing with hot glue and place it on the piece of burlap jute ribbon you saved aside earlier. You will need to lift up the ribbon immediately so it doesn’t get glued to the cardboard. Be sure to act quick! Place it on the bottom of the wreath.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Wrap the music note ribbon around the wreath. Be sure to secure it on the backside with hot glue at various points.

Wrap the glittery green ribbon around the wreath and glue at various spots on the back of the wreath.

Push and glue the remainder of the rings onto the wreath. If they clip on securely, no need for glue, but if they wobble simply add a bit of hot glue.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Cut three sticks of craft wire about four inches long. Twist them together to make a hearty string of metal. This will be attached to the back of the wreath to act as a hanger. Twist the ends of the wire around a twig on the back of the wreath. Be sure to choose a spot that will allow the wreath to hang straight. Apply hot glue to the wire to ensure it is securely attached to the grapevine wreath.

Happy Birthday Wreath

That is all it takes to make a fun reusable decoration for birthdays. A decoration that can be used for years to come.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Cupcake Rings as Napkin Rings

Another fun way to reuse cupcake rings is to use it as a napkin ring. A paper napkin can be rolled and inserted by itself for a fun, simple napkin holder, or wrap up a plastic fork inside a napkin as another option. At my house, I had a stockpile of cupcake rings with the following themes: St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, birthdays, aliens, and footballs just to name a few (I’m sure I have more hidden away in drawers!). For parties, use them all to make a pile of napkins. Place it on a decorative charger or on a platter with cupcakes. Guests can either take them home as a party favor or leave them for you to reuse again.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Happy Birthday Wreath

Happy Birthday Wreath

Cupcake Rings as Simple Puppets

My last idea for reusing cupcake rings involves using the jumbo crafts sticks with the rings to make simple puppets. These make fun little party favors for a kids’ party that are cheap and easy to assemble. Simply slip the stick in sideways through the slot on the ring. The kids could even make them on their own as a party activity. Some rings may require two craft sticks if they have a larger gap at the back of the ring. Save up your cupcake rings all year and you will soon have a great variety for kids to choose from.

Happy Birthday Wreath

Happy Birthday Wreath

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for reusing cupcake rings. They are made from sturdy plastic so they very reusable. Why fill up landfills with cute plastic rings when we can reuse them in fun ways like this! I hope your family has fun implementing these ideas into your own birthday celebrations.

Created by Julie Hoag

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