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by DIY DAY Ambassador, Mar 14 2017

National DIY DAY Ambassador | Robb Restyle | Fowler, Indiana

Robb Restyle is a blog about home design, decor and DIY inspired by vintage charm. Me and my husband Corey are DIY enthusiasts and wanderlusts for repurposed vintage. In between home projects we are thrifty treasure hunters exploring flea markets, thrift shops, estate sales, and auctions. We consider ourselves modern makers, repurposing and upcycling many of our finds into chic home decor. Our aesthetic is an eclectic mix of styles - farmhouse, vintage, industrial and modern. We love sharing our story and our passion with others. If we didn’t have a shop or a blog, we would still be picking, curating, making and decorating… our love for all things old, rusty, retro and vintage runs deep in our veins.

The biggest challenge is juggling all the things! Sharing this passion together is super special and has been our outlet for stress and the demands of everyday life. But, we both have day jobs and two growing boys - so it can be a challenge to balance it all. We also never seem to run out of creativity... but we are running out of space. Trying to make sure our future selves don't end up on an episode of hoarders. (wink, wink)

Please share your favorite creative quote:

"Hope and creativity are two of the most important things in life..." Emma Stone, while accepting her 2017 Golden Globe

Please share a link to your most creative (or favorite) DIY or craft project blog:

Can you tell us your biggest craft fail?

I'm not afraid to try new projects - even if I don't know what I'm doing... and I have had to repaint, resew, remake so many things - it would be hard to name just one.

What is one piece of advice would you give someone wanting to start a blog or creative business:

I had no idea that blogging and selling our goods would open up an entire new community of like-minded creative souls! We've met so many other bloggers and makers that have made this journey even more rewarding than we imagined.

Where do you get your creative inspiration?

I love mixing old and new. I'm obsessed with all things vintage but I really love finding ways to pair it with modern trends. I also tend to be very practical, so we are always trying to repurpose our finds in new ways - like creating a dog feeder out of an old soda crate or making a coffee station out of an industrial safety box.

What are you most excited about for National DIY DAY?

I am excited to serve as a catalyst for inspiring others to join this movement and spread the DIY spirit across the nation.

In 5 years, what is your goal for you and your blog?

I dream of opening my own retail/workshop one day in our little community. But until then, I plan to keep making beautiful things and sharing the journey.

Please share with us a fun fact about yourself:

I am terrified of insects and I'm a total beer snob, especially for craft brews made with coffee.

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