Layered Canvas Art

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 09 2016

I love channeling my inner artist (who is really hard to find) and experimenting with different types of art on canvas. I will brag that I am extremely crafty but being an artist has never really been in list of abilities I can brag about. But with this new, EXTREMELY SIMPLE form of layered canvas art I am turning into a crafty little artist. We are currently in the midst of building our craft studio for CBG and I am working on pieces for the studio that will function as decor and back drops for shooting videos. I am doing an entire wall of these 12 x 12 canvas paintings with inspiration words on them! Check out how easy this project is....... 

Inspirational Canvas Art


  • Canvas
  • Foam Brushes
  • 1- 1/2 inch Bristle Brush
  • 3-4 Acrylic Paint in Your Choice of Colors 
  • White Chalk Paint - I love the Delta Ceramcoat Chalk Paint
  • Large Sticker Letters
  • Paper Plate

Canvas Art


  1. Cover your surface with newspaper or a drop cloth to keep paint off. 
  2. Pour acrylic paint in sections on the paper plate
  3. You can choose to apply paint in one of three ways... 
  • Large circles that overlap

    Canvas Art
      • Brush strokes that are in no particular pattern 

        Canvas Art
          • Long vertical strokes from top to bottom 
            Canvas Art
              1. Apple the paint with your selected stroke style all over the canvas leaving little white space
              2. While the paint is still wet take your bristle brush and blur the lines and fill in the white space spreading excess paint 
              3. Wash all your brushes while your canvas dries for 10 - 15 minutes
              4. Pick the word you want to spell out and firmly press the sticky letter in place on the canvas. If you are having trouble getting them to stick use a tape roller to add more adhesive to the back.  Layered Canvas Art
              5. Take your bristle brush, dip in white paint and start to make long strokes spreading the paint out thin enough to see the first layer of paint. 
              6. Paint over your letters making sure the borders of each letter are touched by white paint. 
              7. I like to remove the sticker right away because if pain leaked into the negative space you can quickly wipe it up with a q-tip. If you remove a letter and the outline is faint, put it back on and go back over the edges with white paint. Always use a stroke motion when going over the letters. 
              8. Let your canvas dry for about 15 minutes

              Now it's time to pat yourself on the back, call yourself an artist and have a cocktail :)

              Inspirational Canvas Art

              Baby Girl Artwork

              Kid Project Alert: 

              Using a similar technique you can teach your child to be an artist. Have them cut up construction paper or scrapbook paper into pieces. Attach it to a canvas by applying a layer of Mod Podge on the canvas with a foam brush, laying the paper on top of it and applying another layer of Mod Podge. Smoothing the paper with your fingers. Once the entire canvas is covered with colorful paper apply sticky letters to spell out a word. Paint over the entire canvas with acrylic paint. Remove the letters to reveal a fun and colorful message! 

              Layered Canvas Art for Kids

              xoxo- LL 

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