Pop Bar

by Chan Vu, May 17 2017

Summer is upon us and we need to stay cool while enjoying everything summer has to offer. One thing I enjoy about summer is eating ice cream bars. Sometimes a plain ice cream bar is not enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I like to go all out when it comes to cheating on my diet with ice cream. So when I have friends over and  I serve ice cream bars for dessert, I like to set up a pop bar.

A pop bar is basically a mini bar to add life into a ordinary Popsicle or yogurt bar. Who doesn't love a decadent ice cream bar with only their favorite toppings? The next time you have guests over, set up a topping bar ahead of time. Keep the frozen bars in the freezer until it's time for dessert. Let your guest go all out on their ice cream bars with popular toppings. This idea will have your guests spreading the word on how wonderful you entertain dessert. 

Pop Bar Setup

dried cranberries

coconut flakes

chocolate chips, melted

caramel sauce

sliced almonds

mini marshmallows

wax paper

Lay your frozen ice cream bar over a sheet of wax paper. Sprinkle melted chocolate or caramel sauce. Next add toppings of your choice. Finally, eat the ice cream bar up!

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