3 Spooktacular Halloween Kids Crafts

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 11 2022

It's time get crafty for Halloween with the kids! This week on my Crayola Facebook broadcast we are making 3 spooktacular kids crafts for Halloween! These are fun for all ages you probably all the supplies at home! 

 Halloween Crafts with Crayola for Kids

You can purchase all the Crayola supplies I used for today's projets on Crayola.com

Project 1: Pom Pom Critters (pumpkin, witch and bat)


  • Yarn (orange, gray or black, purple or green)
  • Crayola Construction Paper
  • Crayola Washable Glue
  • Googley Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Scrap Cardboard 
  • Ruler

Pom Pom Halloween Critters Kids Craft


  1. Cut a piece of scrap cardboard into a square that is 3"x 3" (if you want larger pom poms make it 4"x4")
  2. Start with the end of the yarn and wrap around the cardboard 100 times. If you kids can't count to 100, have them count to 10, 10 times.  When you get to the end cut the yarn. 
  3. For the next step you will need the help of the an adult. Take a scissor and cut the yarn along the top edge and bottom edge keep all the pieces together. It will no longer be a loop.
  4. Cut a piece of yarn that is 5" long and tie it tightly in the center. Fluff out the pom pom and trim to make it a round pom pom. 
  5. Cut out construction paper accessories to turn your pom pom into a critter. Add googley eyes for the witch and the bat. 

Project 2: Bubbly Witches Cauldron


  • Crayola Construction Paper (black, green, light green and orange)
  • Crayola Glitter Glue
  • Crayola Gel Markers
  • Crayola Glue Stick
  • Crayola Markers
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Cauldron Template

Bubbly Witches Cauldron Kids Craft with Crayola


  1. Draw a cauldron with a pencil on black construction paper. You can also download, print, cut and trace my cauldron template. 
  2. Cut a slit in the top rim of the cauldron. You can fold the cauldron in half to start the slit from the center and then cut out. Don't cut all the way to the end. 
  3. Place the cauldron on the green sheet of paper and draw bubbles that are bubbling out the top and cut out. 
  4. Cut circles in different sizes out of light green and black paper. Glue these to the green bubbles from step 2. 
  5. Glue the bubbles to the back edge of the rim. Don't glue the slit closed. 
  6. Write a fun message on the cauldron with the Gel Markers. These work like magic on black construction paper. 
  7. Accent the bubbles and cauldron with glitter glue and let dry.
  8. Color the popsicle with a brown marker. 
  9. Cut the broom bristles out of orange construction paper and glue to the end of the stick .
  10. Once the cauldron is dry, you can stick the broom in the cauldron and stick the bubbles!!! 

Project 3: Paper Plate Monster Eye Ball Wreath


  • Paper Plate
  • Crayola Construction Paper
  • Crayola Black Marker
  • Crayola Glue Stick 
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Something circular to trace

Monster Paper Plate Eye Ball Wreath Kids Craft


  1. Use a roll of tape or something circular to trace circles on green, white, orange and purple paper. Cut out all the circles. You will need enough to fit around your plate. 
  2. Fold the paper plate in half and cut out the center. 
  3. Using a black marker draw one eye on each circle. 
  4. Glue the eyes around the paper plate until it is completely covered. 
  5. You can stop there or cut out horns, arms and legs and glue them to the top, sides and bottom to create a full monster! 

I hope your kids have fun celebrating Halloween with these crafts! 

Happy Crafting! 

Lynn :) 


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