3 Ways to "Cordinate" Your Space

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 22 2019

This post is sponsored by Jasco Brands but all ideas and opinions are my own. 

I am so excited to partner with Cordinate Décor Extension Cords to clean up my office and home! Because of all the color options, they work great for kitchens, dorm rooms, craft rooms, bedrooms, office and more! 

The Cordinate Décor Extension Cord is a unique designer cord that contributes to the overall charm of your space, rather than distracting from the room’s atmosphere. The woven fabric cord cover is offered in a number of trendy colors and patterns, giving you a variety of exciting options for your home, workspace, or dorm room. The thoughtful construction of the extension cord includes a flat plug, making it convenient to connect your devices behind furniture and tight spaces.

Cordinate Décor Extension Cords

For added safety, the tamper-resistant outlet helps ensure any small items beside the plug will be locked out. The extra layer of fabric not only increases the cable’s durability but keeps the cord from being bent and tangled. Built-in surge protection ensures that your connected devices stay safe from harmful voltage spikes.

Cordinate Décor Extension Cords

Check out these three easy ways to use Cordinate Décor Extension Cords! 

Say goodbye to ugly extension cords and say hello to Cordinate Décor Extension Cords. Gone are the days of taping and hiding extension cords. Cordinate Décor Extension Cords can complement your decor while powering all your devises and electronics. 

Mount it in the kitchen for easy access to plug in a coffee maker, toaster oven or even the vacuum. Pick a color to match your decor! 

Use Cordinate in an office or a dorm. Keep it in a drawer and feed the cord through the back. It is the perfect way to hide charging all your devices!  

Stop tripping over your computer charging cord and mount the Cordinate Décor Extension Cords to the side of a desk for easy access! 

Get your Cordinate Décor Extension Cords on Amazon Prime today! I love how Cordinate makes functionality stylish from the craft room to the office to the kitchen! 

xoxo- Lynn 

Cordinate Décor Extension Cords

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