3 Ways to Flip an Ikea Table

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 16 2016

Ikea is the perfect source for inexpensive furniture, especially when you are on a budget! But what about when you outgrow the simple furniture and are ready for some of the fancy finds but don't have a fancy budget. I am the queen of constantly wanting to change my furniture but I don't have a fancy budget to it. Today on NBC's Atlanta & Company I shared 3 ways to flip the same $7.99 Ikea side table!!! I also broke out the steps for those of you not in Atlanta and did not get to watch the show. 

Ikea Table Flipping

Here is the original table:

Tufting Hack: Tufted furniture is normally expensive and can be intimidating to make! I got you covered. To get this simple look, cover your table top (before attaching the legs) with fabric. Using a staple gun, staple the fabric on three sides to the back. You want it to be tight enough so it does not lag, but loose enough so you can stuff it. Stuff polyfill between the fabric and table top. Staple the fourth side close. Using a ruler measure where you want your tufted buttons to be and use chalk to mark the fabric. Use scraps of the fabric and a hot glue gun to cover your buttons. Using the staple gun staple through the fabric into the board. 

Attach the fabric covered buttons using hot glue or fabric glue over the staples. 

Self Adhesive Wall Paper: This is a great look for those that are intimidated by flipping furniture. Self-adhesive wallpaper is like a sticker and can easily be re-positioned! 

Ikea Table Flip

Milk Paint: Folk Art's Milk Paint is one of my favorite new paint lines. Milk Paint can be used on raw wood surfaces as well as already finished furniture. The key to using it is to make sure you follow the steps based on the surface. This is literally the only paint I have found that will not chip off of lacquered furniture (aka everything at IKEA). For your convenience I have linked to the e-book on Plaid's website to get all the details and instructions to Folk Art's Milk Paint as well as a full live broadcast I hosted with Plaid earlier this week to showcase how Folk Art's Milk Paint can be used. 

Ikea Table Flip

Happy Flipping!!! 

xoxo- LL

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