4 Creative Container Upcycles

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 10 2016

Think twice next time you go to through away that sauce jar, coffee can, peanut butter jar or coke bottle! Check out these creative ways to turn trash into beautiful household items! 

Tip:  To remove the labels, fill a bowl or your sink with hot soapy water and let the jar soak for 5 minutes. The label will come right off! 

Turn a Peanut Butter Jar into a Chic Coffee Station Essential

Trick to cleaning the peanut butter out of the container is to throw 2 egg shells in the container, fill it with water, screw the lid on and shake. Empty, rinse and tada!!!! 

Add a cute animal topper to the top using super glue, then spray paint with a metallic spray paint. 

Turn your old coke bottles in classic tablescape essentials.

Spray paint with metallic spray paints. If you want the shabby chic look, layer white chalk paint on top of the spray painted bottle, let it dry and then sand with a fine grit sandpaper to reveal the metallic underlay. 

Turn sauce jars into chic candle holders or vases.

Super glue a glass candle holder to the bottom of the jar. If you want a snowy look, spray paint with Krylon Stone Coarse Texture in White Onyx. 

Turn Old Coffee Cans into Counter Top Canisters

Spray paint the canister white, add a chalk label and super glue a decorative cabinet knob on the lid ($2-3 at the hardware store).

Remember, next time you go to throw something away stop and think about it's potential! 

xoxo- LL





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