5 Healthy Snacks for Work

by Chan Vu, Dec 20 2017

OK, the new year is here. What have you done to change your snacking habits? Did you throw out the Oreos and Doritos like you said you would for your New Year's resolution? I'm not here to judge. I'm completely guilty and no stranger to those old habits. I also understand how difficult it is to eat healthy and have a 50+ hour work week on top of work-life balance. It's so hard to pack the right snacks that gives me energy and fills me up to get me through the work day. Eating well has its challenges but if you plan your snacks well you'll be able to kick that old habit and slim down before you know it! 

I'm not a nutritionist but I have busted my butt (many times) at eating right and losing weight. I know diet and exercise are the only sure way to lose those unwanted pounds. I've learned that it's not so much what I eat, it's how much I eat. Portion control is so important to meeting my weight goal. In addition to eating small meals, I also have to snack smart. So throw out those chips and cookies and start planning your snacks to keep you from falling back on vending machines no-nos. 

What I came up with are my favorite snacks for each day of the week. I break up the snacks throughout the day and have a small salad for lunch. If I don't have time to grab lunch, these snacks are good enough to keep me full through out the day. Give it a try and see how this works for you.

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

Monday - Beat that Monday drag but munching on these high energy snacks.

Energy Boost includes trail mix (almonds, peanuts and chocolate covered raisins), 2 clementines, carrots, celery and organic chunky peanut butter. 

Energy Boosting snacks

Tuesday - Because Tuesdays can feel like Mondays, eating a high protein snack keeps me from getting drowsy.

Protein snack includes roasted chestnuts, walnut halves, 2 pieces of naan, creamy organic peanut butter and a hard boiled egg. 

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

Wednesday - Celebrate hump day with a semi-fancy charcuterie plate to snack throughout the day. 

Charcuterie snack includes, cured meat of your choice (shown here is cured coppa), sharp cheddar cheese, Manzanilla olives, dried Turkish figs and naan. 

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

Thursday - Because it's so close to the weekend, we want to fit into our going-out jeans so let's slim down today with a Lean and Light snack. These are packed with high fiber and probiotics to slim down quickly.

Lean and Light includes Greek yogurt, dried and pitted prunes, clementines, roasted chestnuts and lightly salted pretzel sticks.

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

Friday - You made it through the week so treat yourself to an on-the-go snack for when you pack up and head out for the weekend. 

On the Go snack includes uncured turkey bacon, half avocado with sea salt and fresh ground pepper and a whole wheat toast. Tip: Squeeze lime juice on avocado and wrap avocado half tightly in cling wrap to keep it from oxidizing and to stay fresh.  

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

Now that you've seen the snacking options for the work week doesn't it look delicious?

5 Healthy Snacks for Work

These snacks won't perish fast so you're stretching your grocery dollars a little further. The amount of snacks will keep you full all day. You may not even need to grab a full lunch. I've planned my meals and snacks long enough to know what works for me to lose weight. Give this a try to see if this works for you. 

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5 Healthy Snacks for Work

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Chan V.

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