5 Stylish Back to School Crafts

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 20 2016

In just a few short week school is going to back in session. Where the heck did Summer go? There is no fighting it, back to school shopping is in full swing. Fancy school supplies can be expensive but I have a few fun ideas that will keep your kids happy and on their stylish back to school game! 

Glitter Monogram Backpack: 

Backpacks can be very pricey. The backpack pictured is from Amazon and only cost $12.95 (comes in a variety of colors). I turned this simple backpack into a glittery monogrammed sensation using Vinyl Heat Transfer Sheets. I created a monogram design on Canva, used repositionable spray adhesive and secured it to the top of the vinyl heat transfer sheets. I cut the design out and removed the original design paper. Next I ironed on the heat transfer with the iron on a cotton setting. Once the design is stuck remove the clear top sheet. Boom.... you have a custom backpack! 

I used the same technique to customize a pencil case:


Turn $.17 Notebooks Into Fun Works of Art: 

I painted the front of one notebook with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint to turn it into a chalkboard doodle pad. Other ideas include using scrapbook paper, duct tape and washi tape. 

Colored Pencil Roll

Those flimsy colored pencil boxes are always breaking and make it hard to keep track of all the colored pencils. This simple felt and ribbon pencil roll is perfect to save you from loosing your favorite pencils. 

Chalkboard Message Lunch Box

This one is for all the moms. Paint a section of the inside of your child's lunch box with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint so you can leave them a personal message everyday! 


Milk Jug Sandwich Box

Plastic sandwich boxes can be expensive and often get lost. Next time you finish off a jug of milk turn it into a stylish reusable sandwich box. 

Draw the pattern on the jug with a Sharpie

Cut along the edges of the pattern

Use a thick needle and thread to sew a button on the lid. Cut an elastic hair tie and tie a knot leaving a loop. Use the need to poke a hole in the bottom front panel. Use the needle to make the hole large enough to fit the loop through. If you want to add some flair use washi tape to decorate. 

Milk Jug Sandwich Boxes


Happy Back to School! 

xoxo- LL


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