6 Crafts for Labor Day

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 31 2016

In the blink of an eye Summer is almost over. Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays because celebrate a wonderful Summer with family and friends and are reminded that Fall is right around the corner. Are you hosting a party or picnic this weekend? Check out these 6 simple crafts to help you add the perfect patriotic touch to your celebrations! 

Painted Bottles: Clean out a clear plastic bottle and keep the lid. Pour acrylic paint inside the bottle, put the top on and shake furiously until paint is covering the entire inside of the bottle. Decorate the outside of the bottle with ribbon.

Labor Day Crafts

Paper Lantern Vase Cover: This simple paper craft adds the perfect patriotic color to a vase of white flowers.  

Labor Day Crafts

Giant Jenga: This is a perfect project that will provide year round entertainment for the whole family. Giant Jenga sets go from $75 to well over $100 in the store. You can make a full set for under $20. Purchase two 2x4 16 foot boards from your hardware store and ask them to cut them into 10 inch pieces. Paint the ends to customize the game. 

Labor Day Crafts

Frame Tray: This is one of our favorite crafts and you may remember me sharing the how-to for it in Spring and on a live broadcast with Southern Living. Paint a frame red, add a piece of patriotic scrapbook paper to the picture area, super glue hardware to the sides. 

Uncle Sam Popcorn Hats: Use a circle cut out from a paper plate, decorative paper and a hot glue gun to create these super cute treat holders for the kiddos. 

Faux Fireworks: Create safe sparkler like toys for the kiddos that are too young to play with real sparklers. Pick up patriotic garland from the Dollar Store, cut into 6 inch pieces and stuff 3-4 pieces in a paper straw. 

Labor Day Crafts

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend! 

xoxo- LL

Simple Labor Day Crafts

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