Easy Bunny Cake

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 01 2015

My mom has been making the same deliciously cute bunny cake since I was an itty bitty tot. She makes the cake from scratch which is amazing but very time consuming. Below I am sharing my bunny cake hack with box cakes. 

  • 1 box cake
  • 2 round 9'' cake pans
  • 2 cans of vanilla frosting
  • 1 pack of jelly beans
  • 1 pack of Reeses Pieces Pastel Eggs
  • 1 pack of coconut
  • 6 strands of licorice lace
  • Pink food coloring
  • Sharp knife
  • Display platter
    1. Pre-heat oven as directed by box mix.
    2. Bake box cakes in two 9'' cake pans as directed on your box.
    3. Once the cakes are cooked remove from oven and let cool completely.
    4. Once cooled remove cakes from pans.
    5. Place one full circle on your platter.
    6. Take the second full circle and cut into three sections. You will be forming a bow-tie in the center. Each outer piece will be an ear. 
    7. Place the ears flush against the head. 
    8. Place the bow-tie flush against the bottom of the face
    9. Carefully frost the entire cake. Utilize large amounts frosting when frosting the sides of the ears and bow-ties. This will avoid getting flakes of cake in the icing. Smooth over the connections of the ears and bow-tie.
    10. Place coconut in a bowl and 2 drops of pink food coloring and mix until you get the desired color. Spread the pink coconut in the center of the ears.
    11. Decorate the bow-tie with Reeses Pieces. 
    12. Decorate the face of the bunny with jelly beans and the licorice laces.

Happy Easter

xoxo -LL

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