Boo Front Door Sign

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 02 2017

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! From spooky decor to fun with trick or treaters, this time of year is filled with laughter, crafts and lots of treats! Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite fall activities, especially my front porch!  Check out the simple steps to craft to my spooky front door decor. 

-Folk Art Pure Orange
-Folk Art  Licorice
-Paint Brush
-BOO Wooden Letters 
-Martha Stewart Glow in the Dark Top Coat
-Black Wire Ribbon
-Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
-Fake Spiders
-Fake Spider Web
1. Cover a flat surface with craft paper. 
2. Paint your wooden letters alternating with Folk Art Pure Orange and Folk Art Licorice. Apply 2 coats letting each coat dry 15 minutes.  Boo Sign
3. Paint two coats of Martha Stewart Glow in the Dark Top Coat and let it dry for 15 minutes.
Glow in the Dark Paint
4. Flip the letters face down, the way in which you want them to hang. 
5. Using your hot glue gun attach the ribbon running the length of the letters leaving about 16 inches of ribbon loose at the top of the sign. 
6. Flip the letters over. Tie the loose ribbon at the top in a bow or knot. 
7. Attach the spiders to the letters using the hot glue gun and glue.
8. Stretch the spider web across, up and down the letters. 
9. Use the remaining spider web to decorate your front door. 
10. Display your brand new boo-tiful front door decor and get ready for Halloween! Enjoy an extra spooky glow at night as your sign will glow in the dark! 
Tips for decorating your porch: If you want to decorate early go with faux pumpkins so they don't spoil in the heat, check your local dollar store for simple decor that you can add your own creative touch to and re-purpose old items from summer like a planter to hold a pumpkin! 
xoxo- LL

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