Crafternoons: Family Friendly Apron Craft

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 20 2019

Testors Craft

Testors Crafternoons are back with a family-friendly twist. This week Rosanna and I are putting our mommy hats on and creating easy to make aprons. With this no-fail craft, the whole family can get in on the fun and then make a yummy family dinner!

Enjoy the video and check out the materials and steps below!


  • Testors Acrylic Paints in Gold Rush, Turquoise, Purple, Petal Pink, Fuschia
  • Paint Brushes
  • Fabric Apron
  • Foam Sticker Letters
  • Painters Tape


  1. Decide what message you want your apron to say. Pick out the necessary foam sticker letters and lay them on the apron in the position you want them. 
  2. Remove the sticker back and stick to the apron. Press firmly to ensure that they adhere to the fabric. 
  3. Add painters tape to create an additional design (optional).
  4. Next paint over the letters making sure to cover all the edges of the letters and any tape you added. 
  5. Get creative with the design. As you see on the video I channeled my inner kid and did random swatches of paint and Rosanna kept her design clean and neat! 
  6. Remove the sticker letters and tape to reveal your design! 
  7. Let the apron completely dry. Once the apron is dry heat set in the dryer or with an iron. 

Testors Crafternoons

mommy and me crafts

Mommy and Me Craft

I hope this craft inspired you to get your family together and create a fun project with your favorite Testors Acrylic Paint Colors! 

xoxo- Lynn

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This post was sponsored by Testors Craft but all opinions and ideas are my own. 

DIY Apron Craft

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