Create Your Own Reading Nook

by Lynn Lilly, Feb 07 2018

Since we moved into our house 5 years ago I have vowed to create a relaxing reading nook in this awkward small room off our bedroom.  Krylon®Brand  challenged me to create something new for the new year and I took this as an opportunity to repurpose a side table from our living room and finally create my own relaxing space! 

Ingredients for my reading nook:

  • Chaise lounge with a comfy pillow and blanket
  • Side table to store my books, magazines, and blankets
  • Tray to hold my morning coffee
  • Dry erase board for morning inspirations
  • Plush area rug
  • Lamp
  • Books & Magazines


Project Time: 3 Hours of Painting & Overnight to Dry

Before Photos:


  1. In a well-ventilated space or outdoors cover a flat surface with a drop cloth or tarp. 
  2. Before starting, read and follow safety and application instructions on the spray paint can.
  3. Dust and wipe down, the furniture piece, frame, and lamp with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Tape the cord and hardware on the lamp post and lampshade with painter's tape.  
  5. Spray the lampshade with the Chalky Finish in Classic White. Wait 20-30 minutes between coats. It took two coats to get the desired coverage on my lampshade. 
  6. Spray the lamp post with ColorMaster Paint + Primer in Surf. It took 4 coats to get the desired coverage. 
  7. Next, either remove the glass from the frame or cover it with painter's tape. 
  8. Spray the frame with Chalky Finish in Slate. 
  9. Let the frame dry for 20-30 minutes and spray one additional coat. 
  10. Remove the drawers and hardware from the furniture piece. Then spray 1 additional coat of Slate. Don't worry if the piece is not fully covered. This is serving as a base. 
  11. Next, spray 3-4 coats of Chalky Finish in Classic White waiting 20-30 minutes between coats.
  12. Let the furniture piece dry overnight. 
  13. Once the furniture is dry lightly sand the corners to reveal the Slate color underneath. I added a little more dimension by lightly spraying the edges and corners with Slate. 
  14. Next, spray the entire furniture piece and frame with Chalky Finish Matte Sealer in Clear. Let it dry for 1-2 hours. 
  15. If you have not already removed the artwork from the frame do so and replace with a decorative piece of paper. Use this as an inspirational message board with dry erase markers.  

In addition to these pieces I styled my reading nook with a chaise lounge (this was the first piece of furniture I bought for my first apartment 10 years ago), carpet (hand me down from my parents), a mirror (hand me down from one of my Dad's clients), a pillow, blankets, tray and of course my favorite books and magazines! I love that this is now a relaxation zone for me as well as a perfect place to read my baby girl her favorite books! 

Reading nook

DIY Dry Erase Board

Spray Paint Makeover

Visit your local Hobby Lobby to purchase the Krylon products and the supplies featured in this project as well as much more! 

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This post is sponsored by Krylon and is part of an on-going paid campaign between Craft Box Girls and Krylon. All ideas, opinions, and photographs are my own! 

xoxo- LL

How-To Create a Reading Nook




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