DIY Canvas Cups Painting

by Laura Carrozza, Aug 02 2016

I know they say April showers bring May flowers, but anyone in the south where CBG is located knows that the thunderstorms are pretty much a daily occurrence during the summer months. So while being stuck inside, I decided to take a break from binge watching Netflix and get my creative mojo flowing.

I had canvas and some paint but I didn't feel like using paintbrushes, so I grabbed a few things that were about to be recycled and put them to good use. 

What you'll need:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • Plastic cups, water bottles, aluminum cans (assorted sizes)

Step One:

Step up your paint area. If the kids will be doing the painting, it might be best to put a plastic tarp on the floor first. Tip: pick up a white or clear shower curtain liner and use that as the tarp. You will want to find an assortment of circular sized items to use for painting. I used two aluminum cans, a mason jar and two water bottles.

Step Two:

Take one of your cups or cans and dip the rim in the paint, and start to create your design on the canvas. You can lightly dip the can in paint or you can drench it; either way your design will look awesome! I like it when the paint doesn't cover the whole rim of the can and you get a cool incomplete, spotty circular shape on your canvas.

Step Three:

Continue to dip you cans and cups in paint and dab on the canvas until you are happy with your artwork. I decided to spray mine with a red spray paint tool that I recently bought. Experimenting at it's finest! There's not such thing as a mistake with this kind of artwork, so don't be scared to get messy or splatter some paint on the canvas. It's fun and easy and it makes a pretty pattern of bubbles on your canvas! It's also a fun painting project for the kids on a rainy day! 

Enjoy and have fun!


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