DIY Flower Bouquet Box

by Adrienne Brown, Jan 16 2018
Surprise your sweetheart with an elegant flower bouquet box. This gift is perfect for Valentine's Day. We all know that lovely person in our life who enjoys receiving flowers. And what's better than giving a floral arrangement that is handmade with love?
The gorgeous flower bouquet in a box is not only simple to DIY in under an hour, but it is also relatively inexpensive to make from the comfort of your home. Follow the instructions below to create a fabulous floral arrangement to give to your loved one.


Flower Bouquet

    1. Cut the floral foam sheet into a block that will fit tightly inside of the box. Make sure to use floral foam designed for artificial flowers.
    Photo Storage Box
    Floral Foam in Box
      2. Prep the silk flowers by cutting the stems with the wire cutters. (I used about 30 flowers for this project.) The length of the stems should be slightly shorter than the height of the box.
      Trimmed Flowers
        3. Starting at one corner, insert one flower at a time into the foam. The stems don't have to go all the way through the foam, but just enough to be able to stand vertically.
        Arrange Flowers
          4. Continue adding flowers row by row across the box. I like to place flowers by order of their size: large, small, large, small, etc.
          5. Fill any empty spaces with greenery or smaller flowers, and then shift and fluff the flowers to make sure the arrangement looks full.
          Peony Bouquet
          Flower Bouquet
            6. Finally, tie the ribbon into a bow around the middle of the box for decoration.
            Flower Bouquet Box
            Flower Bouquet Box
              And that's it! This beautiful arrangement can be customized to feature the person's favorite flowers and colors. So get creative and design the perfect gift for your loved one. And the best part is that you can display the flower bouquet box year round. Use it as a table centerpiece or home or office decor.
              Bouquet Box Pinterest
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