DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 07 2023

The countdown to the holidays is on and no matter what holiday you celebrate you can customize and build your own countdown for your family or to give as a gift to someone special. This year more than ever handmade gifts are trending and uplifting the spirits of those making and receiving them. Creating a do-it-yourself gift is the perfect way to make someone feel extra special and learn a new skill or up your creativity in the process. The Home Depot makes it easy for beginners and experts to shop online or in store for all the supplies they need to start creating! 

My family celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah. This year, both holidays will be extra special because our new bundle of joy is expected to arrive right around Christmas. We have special traditions for each holiday that we share as a family.  When The Home Depot asked me to dream up a do-it-yourself Advent calendar, I immediately knew I had to make it a sweet creation. My whole family, especially my daughter, loves sweets and we always look forward to decorating gingerbread houses each year, so creating a giant gingerbread house Advent countdown calendar was the perfect choice! 

I ordered most of my materials online and had them shipped and delivered to my door in just a few days. It was so convenient. There were a few things I wanted to get in person so I grabbed my mask and headed to the store! Once I gathered all of my supplies, it was time to start making! 

The Home Depot

Time: 4-6 Hours

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Download the Project Sheet


The Home Depot - Lynn Lilly

DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar


  1. Measure and draw the shape of the house using a ruler and tape measure. DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  2. Use the jigsaw to cut out the shape of the house. Make sure to have the final blade properly inserted. DIY Gingerbread House Advent Calendar
  3. Place the jigsaw in the lock position and switch the blade to the scroll blade. 
  4. Draw two gingerbread men (you can download my template) and cut them out with the jigsaw. DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  5. Measure the rope trim to fit the length of the house and use the jigsaw to trim. DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  6. Measure the scallop wood trim to the length of the roof, leaving 2 inches to hang over the end. Make sure to account and measure for the angle joint at the peek of the roof. Adjust the jigsaw to trim.  DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  7. Get creative by using the acrylic paint, glitter spray paint, and paint pens to decorate the house, trim, door and gingerbread men.  DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  8. Use the paint pens to add patterns to the house and the knobs. 
  9. Using the industrial hot glue gun , the trim pieces along the room and sides
  10. Use the puffy paint to add details to the rope trim and the roof. Add some fun 3D details to the gingerbread men. DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  11. Glue 2 of the rosette blocks together to create one side of the door. Glue the other 2 rosette blocks together to create the other side of the door. 
  12. Glue a knob to each door. Line up the two doors at the bottom edge of the house making sure they are centered. Leave a small space between each door. 
  13. Line up the hinges on the side of each door and on the house. Mark with a pencil. Use the power drill to drill holes and then screw the hinges to the door and house. The doors will now open. Add a surprise picture or painting behind the doors to bring excitement to the last day of the countdown. DIY Gingerbread Advent CalendarDIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  14. Glue the gingerbread men to each side of the house. 
  15. Place and glue 24 knobs all over the house. DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  16. Use the paint pens to write the day numbers on the ornaments. Write a message on a small strip of paper, roll it up to fit inside the ornament. Pull the top off the ornaments, place a glue dot on the inside of the top, stick the roll of paper to the glue dot and place it in the ornament and put the top back on. DIY Gingerbread Advent CalendarDIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar
  17. String the ornaments on the knobs. 

DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar - Lynn Lilly

    Merry Merry and Happy Everything! My daughter, Lily, loved getting a sneak peek of our new Gingerbread Advent Calendar. This would make the perfect gift but I think I am going to hang on to this one! 

    DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar

    DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar

    DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar

    DIY Gingerbread Advent Calendar

    No matter how your family celebrates the holidays, you can easily create handmade gifts with a little help, inspiration and all the supplies from The Home Depot. 

    For more handmade gift tutorials and projects ideas visit The Home Depot Handmade Hub

    Happy Holidays! 

    Xoxo- Lynn Lilly

    This post is sponsored by The Home Depot but all opinions, thoughts and projects are my own. 

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