DIY Glue Gun Cactus Keychain

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 06 2019

There are loves that will never go out of style for me. Two of those are cacti and my glue gun! Did you know that Surebonder sells over 19 different color hot glue sticks? The colored hot glue sticks work just like regular glue and can be used to make fun shapes in silicone molds! Check out how easy it is with my new glue gun!


  • Lynn Lilly Cordless Glue Gun ( I would appreciate if you buy one... you have my guarantee that you will love it!)
  • Shades of Green Hot Glue
  • Cactus Silicone Mold
  • Key Chain Hardware

Lynn Lilly Hot Glue Gun

Lynn Lilly Hot Glue Gun - Cactus Hot Glue Key Chain

xoxo- Lynn 

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  • MIsty on

    I love the 🌵 keychains! This may be a stupid question, but will the keychains melt in hot weather? I live in AL, and it get hot 🥵 in the summer.

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