DIY Ice Cream Barrettes

by Meghan Quinones, Jul 08 2020

We are so excited to have Meghan Quinones from Happiness is Creating back as a contributor of another super cute projects! 


When I found out almost 4 years ago that I was having a little girl, I was excited for numerous reasons, but one was to be able to make bows–ALL OF THE BOWS!  I’ve made my daughter too many bows to even count, but recently I really wanted to make a different piece to adorn her sweet little head.  I bought a pack of pastel barrettes and decided to take them up a notch by adding ice cream cones to them!

For my DIY ice cream cone barrettes, I used basic craft supplies to easily get the look of yummy little ice cream cones.  To add extra detail, I stitched gold lines on the cones to make them look realistic.  These barrettes are definitely more fun and festive with ice cream cones on them!  Get the full DIY ice cream cone barrettes tutorial below!

1.  Use a ruler to create a triangle with 2 lines that are each 1.5”.  This will create the cone shape.

2.  Reduce the gold embroidery thread down to just two strands, thread the embroidery needle, and tie a knot at the end.  Push the needle through the bottom of the cone and create short backstitches to make the lines of the cone.  When you’re finished, tie a knot in the back of the cone to secure the stitches.  Add stitched lines to the other cone.

3.  Add glue to the back of the cone and glue it to a piece of the remaining felt.

4.  Cut out the cones.  You’ll cut just on the inside of the marks, making sure not to cut the stitches. This will get rid of the marker lines.

5.  Choose three pom-poms for your ice cream cone, add glue to the back of them, and add them on top of the cone.

6.  Add glue to just the large part of the barrette and glue it to the back of the cone.

7.  Cut a small rectangle piece of felt larger than the end of the barrette, add glue to the back of it, and glue it over the barrette. This will help secure the ice cream cone to the barrette.

If you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop at just one DIY ice cream cone barrette.  I may or may not have made like 6 of these already!  Enjoy!

DIY Ice Cream Barrettes

DIY Ice Cream Barrette


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