DIY Lap Desk

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 21 2016

I am a workaholic that seems to work at all hours of the night and I have been trying to figure out a solution to make working in bed or on the couch more comfy. I had a vague memory of my college roommates having a board with a cushion bottom. It took me forever to find the appropriate name... in case you are wondering it is called a lap desk. Let me tell you, lap desks are not cheap. So my crafty self decided I was going to make one. It might not be perfect but it was super easy, did not require sewing and works perfectly! This really is such a quick and easy project for all ages! 

DIY Lap Desk

DIY Lap Desk


*You can get the wood board at Michaels for $10-$14 based on if you have a coupon.


  1. Paint the entire board with chalk paint and let dry for 30 minutes (front, back and sides).
  2. Cut a rectangle of fabric that is 20 inches x 24 inches.
  3. Cut a piece of contact paper the exact same size as your board.
  4. Ok so the hardest part of this whole project was applying the contact paper. My suggestion is to start with the short side, pull back a small section, line it up with corners and using a ruler apply pressure to smooth out the bubbles. Slowly pull back more and more and continue to smooth with the ruler until the entire sheet is stuck. 
  5. Flip the board over. Line up the corners of the fabric with the corners of the board. Place a staple in each corner. Your fabric will bunch in the center. 
  6. On three sides of the board, leaving one side completely open, pull the fabric tight to the center of the side and create an overlap so the edges of the fabric are tight. Secure the gathered overlap in the center with staples. DIY Lap Desk
  7. Use the staple gun to staple all three sides shut.
  8. Stuff poly-fil in the opening gap of the 4th side. Once it is full, gather fabric in the center using the same method from the other three sides and secure it with the staple gun. Stuff more poly-fil in the opening until the fabric is filled. Staple the remaining openings closed. 
  9. Using the hot glue gun, glue the trim around all the edges to cover the exposed staples.  
  10. TaDa!!! You now have your own lap desk! 

xoxo- LL

DIY Lap Desk

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