DIY Mother's Day Tray

by Maria Provenzano, Apr 28 2017

DIY Mother's Day Tray

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Breakfast in bed is always a good idea, but it is an even better idea when you make the tray you carry the food on extra special. I love the idea of documenting my son’s life in fun ways, and that is what inspired these DIY Mother’s Day Trays. The trays are not only a cute gift idea for mothers or grandmothers, but it is also a great way to make something sentimental.

There are two tray ideas that I thought would be cute for these DIY Mother’s Day Trays. My mother-in-law loves pictures, so I thought that doing hand prints along with a picture for her tray would be something that she would really like. If you want to add a picture onto a tray, then you definitely want to make sure to had a layer of Mod Podge over the picture so that if any water gets onto the picture, that the Mod Podge will protect it from being ruined.

The other idea for a tray is one that is more simple. I found a plain wood tray that I love, and simply had my son do his hand prints on it. Then, I used a paint pen to write his name and the year. This is a great idea for a tray that you can use all year long, because it doesn’t say “Mother’s Day” on it, but it isn’t as sentimental as the picture tray. I thought it looked really pretty and chic though. 

Feel free to allow your child to get as creative as they like. If they are old enough to paint the tray different colors, or draw pictures with the paint pens, then allow them to have a blast DIYing this tray for their mother or grandmother.


Wood tray


Picture; optional

Mod Podge

Paint Pens

Note: if you cannot find a wood tray, you can use a wood board and attach drawer pulls to it to make handles by screwing them in. Those supplies can be found at the hardware store.


*Paint the wood tray white

*Once it is dry, paint your child’s hands with paint and make hand prints

*Glue the picture onto the board with Mod Podge, then apply a very thin layer of Mod Podge over the top of the picture; allow to dry

*If you like the look of the wood, you could simply do the hand prints

*Use a paint pen to write “Happy Mother’s Day” or your child’s name and the year, or whatever you like!

DIY Mother's Day Tray

DIY Mother's Day Tray

DIY Mother's Day Tray

DIY Mother's Day Tray

DIY Mother's Day Tray

DIY Mother's Day Tray

DIY Mother's Day Tray

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