DIY Ombre Backpack

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 21 2023

Back to school is almost here. For some areas the kiddos are heading back this week or might have already started. My daughter's pre-school starts on August 11 so we are gearing up with school supplies and creating fun crafts to get her excited. I am excited to team up with Testors Craft to celebrate back to school with a colorful ombre backpack design. Today I am using the Testors Craft Fabric Spray Paint to easily create this fun colorful effect.

DIY Ombre Backpack

Here is what you will need for this project:

  • White Canvas Backpack
  • Testors Craft Fabric Spray Paint in Pink, Yellow, Red and Glitter Gold. 
  • Trim/Rick Rack (optional)
  • Safety Items (mask, gloves, eye protectors)
  • Hot Glue or Fabric Glue


  1. Before getting started make sure to read the safety instructions on the back of the can. Even though the Testors Craft Fabric Spray Paint is low odor I still recommend doing it in a well ventilated room or outdoors. Make sure your surface is covered to prevent overspray stains. 
  2. Place the backpack face up on your surface. 
  3. Make sure to shake each of the cans thoroughly before getting started. 
  4. Start with Red and spray the bottom third of the backpack holding the can 6-12" from the backpack while using smooth sweeping motions. 
  5. Next take the pink and spray the middle third of the backpack. Start the spray by overlapping the red section. These will blend the colors and create a new color to connect them. 
  6. Next spray the top half with yellow starting by overlapping the pink. This will create a shade of orange that perfectly blends the colors. 
  7. Once the whole front is covered, spray a light dusting of the gold glitter fabric spray paint all over the backpack. Let the backpack dry for 30 minutes. DIY Ombre Backpack
  8. Flip it over and repeat steps 4-7 on the back of the backpack. Let this dry for 30 minutes. 
  9. Hang the backpack to dry for 3 hours to fully dry. 
  10. If you want to add a little more fun to the bag, glue on some rick rack and trim. I also used my trim and rick rack to create tassels for the zippers. If you are planning on machine washing it, be sure to use a fabric glue. If you are just going to spot clean you can use hot glue. 

Let the backpack cure for 3 days before washing it. The fabric paint is machine washable, flexible and colors will not lose their vibrance after washing! 

I absolutely love how this turned out and how easy it was! You can use these fabric paints on shoes, clothing, linens and more! The possibilities are endless. 

You can find Testors Fabric Spray Paint at Walmart, Menards, True Value, Kmart and Do-It-Best

Happy Back to School! 

xoxo- LL

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