DIY Paper Mache Christmas Village Countdown

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 07 2023

Tis the season to countdown to Christmas! Christmas villages are a favorite in my house and a great way to decorate and have a countdown to the magical day. Today I am going to show you how to create your own village by making paper mache Christmas house ornaments! 

DIY Christmas Village Countdown


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  1. Cut the shape of the sides of the house and a piece for the opposite that will stretch the entire distance of the house and roof out of cardboard. Use the wood block as the base for your house. Do these for each one of your houses or how many days you plan to countdown. 
  2. Use the tacky glue to glue the cardboard to the block and create the base of the house. 
  3. Cut strips of thin white craft paper and set aside. 
  4. Mix together 1 part Aleene’s Tacky Glue and 1 part Water in a cup with a craft stick until thoroughly mixed. This is the paper mache adhesive. 
  5. Pour a little adhesive on a paper plate. 
  6. Dip each strip of craft paper in the paper mache adhesive, making sure it full soaks the sheets. 
  7. Lay that on the house and use your finger to smooth it and eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles. 
  8. Repeat this step until the entire house is covered. Make sure to apple the strips over the seams of the cardboard so they will appear smooth. 
  9. Let the paper mache completely dry. 
  10. Once the house is dry, paint the house with Colorshot acrylic paint. 
  11. Take a piece of twine or string and tie it in a loop. 
  12. Once the paint is fully dry, use a craft stick to apply the Aleene’s True Snow or Glitter Snow to the roof. Use a patting motion to give it texture and make it look like a snowy roof. 
  13. While applying snow, attach the  string from step 11 on the roof knot side down. Cover and surround with the snow paste. It will work as an adhesive to attach the string. This way your countdown can also be ornaments. 
  14. Next use the Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint to decorate the house and number the countdown. 
  15. Let the houses completely dry. 

DIY Christmas Countdown Village

Once your houses are dry you can create a village set up in a tray. Then as you countdown you can hang each house on the Christmas tree. 

Merry Christmas friends! 



This post is sponsored by Aleene's but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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