DIY Princess Mirror

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 19 2022

Mirror mirror on the wall, this princess mirror will have you feeling like the belle of the ball. With a few simple materials and the help of E6000, you can transform any mirror from drab to fab. 


  • E6000 Mini Industrial Strength Adhesive
  • 60 inch feather boa
  • Mirror (non-breakable mirror from Amazon)
  • Swarovski Crystals of assorted sizes
  • Glitter Foam
  • Adhesive Craft vinyl or pre-cut letters
  • Vinyl cutting machine(Optional for wording and foam tiara)
  • Mini tiaras(If using mini tiaras with combs, simple remove combs)


  1. Add Adhesive to one side of the mirror 
  2. Attach feather boa to adhesive
  3. Repeat steps for attaching feather boa on all sides, being sure to add adhesive and press boa down firmly at each corner. 
  4. Cut off the excess feather boa.
  5. Use your mini E6000 to add jewels to your foam crown. 
  6. Attach your foam crown to the top portion of your mirror. 
  7. Use your E6000 to attach your wand to the mirror. 
  8. Use transfer tape to attach vinyl words to your mirror or simple use pre-cut adhesive letters.
  9. Add mini tiaras to the feather boa as desired.
  10. Use E6000 to add Swarovski crystals to the vinyl or adhesive letters as desired. 

DIY Princess Mirror

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