DIY Recipe Book for Mom

by Lynn Lilly, May 05 2022

Does your mom or grandma like to cook and collect recipes the old fashion way! My mom and my grandma both have stacks of recipes cards and always writing down their recipes. When I got my hands on the Rust-Oleum Marble Spray Paint I couldn't resist making a recipe book for my mom! 

Rust-Oleum Marble Spray Paint

Check out how easy it is to create this fun project and this Marbling spray paint is so unique! 



  1. Paint the cardboard a base color. You want the paint to be different from the marbled spray paint color you selected. 
  2. Before getting ready to spray paint, make sure to read the safety instructions and shake the can really well. Spray paint outdoors if possible. 
  3. Spray in sweeping motions, you will see the spray paint come out in webs to create the marbled effect. You can do as much or as little as you want. 
  4. Once the notebook is dry, glue on the letters. 
  5. All that is left is for mom to fill the notebook with recipes! 

Marbled Recipe Book

I have so many project ideas brewing that I want to try with both the white and black Rust-Oleum Marbled Spray Paint! You can purchase right now from Menards

Happy Crafting! 

xoxo Lynn 

This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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