DIY Repurposed Rope Basket

by Maria Provenzano, Mar 15 2017

DIY Repurposed Rope Laundry Basket

 To repurpose, or to not to repurpose? That is always the question! I really try to make the best out something before kicking it to the curb. I have been seeing these beautiful rope baskets all over Instagram, and at housing stores, so I thought I would give it a go. That was the inspiration for this laundry basket makeover!

 This DIY Repurposed Rope Basket is so easy! All you really need is some rope and a glue gun. I really don’t know how people survive in life without a glue gun! I decided to line the inside of the basket with an old tablecloth that I hadn’t used in years. You can do this with any color you like! It created more of a finished look than it would have if I left the center uncovered. 

When it come to the rope, you have so many options! Rope will come in a variety of sizes and lengths. For this one, my rope was ½ inch by 100 feet, and I just had enough to finish. The amount you need will depend on how large your basket is, and the thickness is your preference.

This DIY Repurposed Rope Basket can still be used for laundry, but I also love it as a place for beach towels or blankets. Since it is so pretty, you can leave it out and use it as décor.

DIY Repurposed Rope Basket 


Rope; the width and size will depend on preference and the size of the basket (the pictured basket is made with rope that is ½ inch by 100 feet)

An old laundry basket

Glue fun

Table cloth, or something similar, to fill the inside


*Line the inside of the basket with the tablecloth; cut any excess length needed

*Glue the cloth onto the basket with the glue gun

*Starting at the top or bottom (either way works), glue the rope onto the basket with the glue gun, and continue to tightly wrap the rope around the basket while gluing it on at the same time

*Make sure to add some of the hot glue onto the rope as well so that each piece of rope is sticking to the basket and the pieces of rope beside it

*Continue until the entire basket is covered with the rope

*Fill with towels, blankets, etc.

DIY Repurposed Rope Laundry Basket

DIY Repurposed Rope Laundry Basket

DIY Repurposed Rope Laundry Basket

DIY Repurposed Rope Laundry Basket

DIY Repurposed Rope Basket

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