DIY Repurposing With Yarn

by Maria Provenzano, Mar 22 2017

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

Sometimes I think I have the patience to knit, but about 10 minutes later I lose my patience. I have tried a few times, and have built up a good amount of yarn in my craft room, so I wanted to figure out another use for it!

Something else that I seem to have an abundance of…flower pots! I also like to pretend I have a green thumb, something else I need to work on! I love having flowers and fresh herbs around, so I continue to attempt to keep them around, and with that attempt, I have accumulated a good amount of flower pots.

When I am crafting, I love to try and use up some of the things that I already have around, and create something useful. So, I decided to combine my mix of yarn and flower pots!! I have to say, it turned out even cuter than I expected! We also tend to used wine bottles readily available at our house, so that was on my list as well. Who knew that just a touch of yarn could make something so pretty?


Flower pots, wine bottles, or something similar

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Hot glue gun



*Apply a small dot of glue to the bottom of the flower pot and attach the yarn to the dot of glue

*Apply some mod podge to the flower pot with the paint brush, then wrap the yarn tightly around the pot over the mod podge

*You can start at the top or the bottom of the pot, either way works!

*Continue until the pot is covered; you can play a bit here by covering the entire pot, using different colors, or leaving part of the pot uncovered

*Attach the last bit of yarn to the pot with a touch hot glue

*Allow to dry

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

DIY Repurposing With Yarn

 DIY Repurposing With Yarn

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