DIY St. Patrick's Day Gnome Fairy Garden

by Lynn Lilly, Feb 28 2024

I love anything anything miniature and I am always looking for more fun and creative St. Patrick's Day Decorations to deck out my house! I teamed up with Eclectic Products to create this cute St. Patrick's Day Gnome Fairy Garden with their Quick Hold Adhesive. It works perfectly for a project like this because it dries clear, quick, has an industrial hold and works great on a variety of different surfaces and materials! 

You can gather supplies from your house, old decorations or get most items at your local craft store! 

Hop over to my instagram @creativelivingwithlynnlilly to watch the reel and making of this cute fairy garden. 


  • Eclectic Quick Hold
  • Cake Stand
  • Small Piece of Astroturf Cut to Fit the Cake Stand Surface
  • Floral Foam
  • Small Terra Cotta Pot
  • Small Birch Slices
  • Fairy Garden Miniatures 
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock Clovers

DIY St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden


  1. Apply Quick Hold to the surface of the cake stand and adhere the astroturf.
    DIY St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden
  2. Glue the birch slices together to make steps and glue the terracotta pot to the top step. You can also use the Quick Hold to add ribbon to the Terra Cotta Pot. Apply Quick Hold to the bottom birch piece and stick to the astroturf. DIY St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden
  3. One of my fair garden miniatures was broken and the Quick Hold worked to repair it quickly! Once try glue it to the birch slice stairs. 
  4. Use the Quick Hold to glue a variety of different miniatures and pieces in your garden. DIY St. Patrick's Day Fairy GardenDIY St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden

Make sure to let it dry before display (especially if you have little hands that will want to touch). 

DIY St. Patrick's Day Fairy Garden

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Lynn :) 

This post is sponsored by Eclectic but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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