DIY Summer Party Decor

by Lynn Lilly, May 16 2019

Entertaining season is here and I am excited to partner with Bernzomatic, the leader in torches, to create patriotic DIY decor perfect for my Summer celebrations! I love challenging myself and our team to get creative in new ways, and I was up for a challenge to design three unique projects using the  Bernzomatic ST2200T Detail Torch

For more inspiration make sure to check out Bernzomatic's Summer Entertaining Guide, which is chalked full of delicious recipes, decorations, and yard games! 

Summer Entertaining Guide

Tips for beginner blowtorch users (please read before starting):

  • Follow safety instructions as provided, tie back long hair and use common sense when operating a torch
  • For more intense torch use (i.e. soldering) wear safety gear such as gloves and glasses
  • Do not use on a flammable surface
  • Use in a well-ventilated room or outdoors

Patriotic Sign:




  1. Lightly glide the Bernzomatic ST2200T Detail Torch across the wood, burning and highlighting the grains in the wood.  
  2. Use the milk paint to design a flag on the surface of the wood. We selected milk paint because it stains the wood and allows the beautiful burn patterns to shine through. 
  3. Use stencils to stencil "USA" with white milk paint on top of the flag design. 
  4. Stencil stars using the white milk paint on the blue section.  
  5. Using the letter steps stamp a message on the top edge of the wood. We spelled out "Land that I Love".
  6. Use the detail point on the Bernzomatic to engrave the outline of the stamped letters.   

DIY USA Party Sign

Firecracker Centerpiece

DIY Wooden Firecracker Centerpiece



  1. Drill 4 holes in the top of the lumber. Drill the holes about 1 inch deep.  
  2. Paint and stencil a patriotic design on all 4 sides and the top of the lumber.  
  3. Cut 2-3 inch pieces of rope. 
  4. Torch the ends of the rope.         
  5. Hot glue and insert the rope into the drilled holes to create the firecracker flames. 
  6. Using the hot glue gun add rope details around the base. 
  7. Lightly burn the rope for a vintage effect.    

DIY Wooden Firecrackers

Entertaining Tray



  1. Paint a patriotic design on the pallet.   
  2. Glide the Bernzomatic across the top of the board to highlight the knots and imperfections in the wood. Glide across the stars to give the white a vintage design. Make sure to glide across the edges of the wood to highlight the grains.    
  3. Drill evenly spaced holes on each end of the pallet for the handles. 
  4. Cut 8-10 inch pieces of rope and feed through the drilled holes. 
  5. Tie knots at the end of each rope to form the handles. 
  6. Burn the rope handles to add to the vintage theme.    

Check out how great these projects look together. I love that the Bernzomatic helped me create patriotic upscale decor that really is perfect for all my Summer celebrations! 

DIY Summer Party Decor

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xoxo- LL

This is a sponsored post but please note that all opinions, project ideas, and photographs are my own.

DIY Summer Party Decor


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  • Kristy on

    absolutely LOVE this DIY. I can’t wait to put this together in time for the Fourth. I wrote my own post on summer pool party decor if you want to check it out: !

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