Election Day Glass Lettering

by Anna Teal, Oct 19 2016

Getting ready for the final presidential debate? Make these quick and easy tasting glasses to enjoy a little bubbly while you watch.  After all, it will definitely make it more interesting. ;-) And if you haven't decided on a candidate yet, just remember you can always vote whiskey or campaign for champagne! 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Adhesive Typewriter Stencil Set
  • Thin Patterning Tape
  • Paint Pen
  • FolkArt Bright Pink Multi-Surface Paint
  • Pouncer
  • A Tasting Glass 

Step 1: It's always a good idea to wipe down your glassware with alcohol prior to painting on it.  It helps the paint adhere properly and rids it from smudges.

Step 2: Apply stencils to glass spelling out desired phrase. In my case, I spelled out "VOTE" first at the top of my glass.

Step 3: Apply paint to the stencil using the pouncer. TIP: Off load any excess paint onto a napkin before applying to the stencil. You want as little paint as possible to prevent paint run-under. 

Step 4: Immediately remove stencil and let dry.

Step 5: Writing free handed on glass can be tricky so here's a helpful tip! Below the word VOTE, add a thin line of patterning tape above and below where you want the word "Whiskey" to go. This will help guide you as you write so your words don't get all wonky. 

Step 6: Fill with the word "Whiskey" and enjoy!

Create a complimentary champagne flute like I did by writing any witty saying you'd like.  

Election Day Glass Lettering

Happy Drinking!


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    Love this idea!!

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