DIY Wedding Card Holder

by Anna Teal, May 18 2017

One of the best things about getting married is reading all the kind words and well wishes from friends and family members! This wedding card holder doubles as decorative holder for cards during your wedding and can also serve as a memory box to keep your favorite moments from that special day!

DIY Wedding Card Holder
What You’ll Need:

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Step 1: Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want to sand your wood surface. I love to see a little wood grain through the box so I chose not to sand it.

Step 2: Load your base coating brush with ivory chalk paint and apply one layer to the crate. If you want this to be true opaque white, apply a second coat after the first coat dries completely.

DIY Wedding Card Holder
Step 3: Next, tape off an area at the top of the box where you want the rose gold to go. This particular box has little notches on the sides so it’s easy to mark and create a straight line with the tape.

Step 4: First, apply the metallic rose gold to the taped off area at the top of the box and let dry.

DIY Wedding Card Holder
Step 5: Then, apply the rose gold glitter to the same area on top of the metallic. This will help create a rich glitter surface that’s very opaque. Immediately remove the tape and let dry.

TIP: You can apply the glitter straight to the ivory surface if you’re ok with the white showing through a bit but I wanted it to be really rose gold with no white showing through which is why I applied the metallic first and then the glitter over it.
Also, I have to say that this is my FAVORITE glitter paint. The color is so pretty and the glitter pigments are larger than other glitter finishes which gives you maximum shine :-)

DIY Wedding Card Holder
Step 6: While your paint is drying, you can label your banner with a Sharpie. I chose to use a plain black sharpie so it would show up better on my little banner but you can choose whatever color you’d like. Write “CARDS” on the banner and let it dry.

DIY Wedding Card Holder
Step 7: Assemble the banner to the crate with a push pin or tape the string to the inside of the box to hold in place.

Voila! Your card box is ready to go! You can also further embellish with fresh flowers for a more romantic look like shown below!

DIY Wedding Card Holder

DIY Wedding Card Holder
I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a custom Wedding Card Box for your special day! Feel free to share with anyone who needs DIY Wedding inspiration!


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