DIY Monogram Wedding Sign

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 04 2018

Fall wedding season is here and even though I just celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary I still love dreamy weddings and creating a special experience through handmade statement pieces. More and more couples are forgoing the traditional wedding cake and creating a dessert table with a variety of sweets and treats! My husband and I went this route and our guests loved it. It also left us with a little extra budget to spend on creating customized items like this monogram frame I accented with paper flowers! The best part of this personalized piece is that you can make it easily with your favorite Krylon®Brand colors and finishes! Check out the quick how-to below! 

This post is sponsored by Krylon® Brand and is part of an on-going paid campaign between Craft Box Girls and Krylon. All ideas, opinions, and photographs are my own! 


  • 1 Can of Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer Ballet Slipper in Satin Finish
  • 1 Can of Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer Burgundy in Satin Finish
  • 1 Can of Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer Metallic Rose Gold
  • 24 x 36 Frame
  • 24 x 36 Plywood or Smooth Foam Core for the Inside of the Frame
  • Wood Letters
  • Paper Flowers 
  • Tarp
  • Gloves/Mask

Krylon Spray Paint

Dessert Table Supplies: Get an assortment of desserts and sweets to display on cake stands and plates that coordinate with your colors. Add a pop of sparkle to the table with sequin table cover.  Please note that food and drink should never come in contact with spray painted substrates. 

Project Time: 2-3 Hours


  1. In a well-ventilated space or outdoors cover a flat surface with a drop cloth or tarp. 
  2. Before starting, read and follow safety and application instructions on the spray paint can.
  3. Lay the frame flat on the tarp. Make sure to wipe away any dirt and dust. 
  4. Take the Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer Metallic Rose Gold, hold it 8 inches away spray in sweeping motions. Make sure to let the paint completely dry between coats. I found that I just needed one full coat and I lightly applied a second coat to touch up the areas I missed.                                                                                                                                                        
  5. Next, lay out the letters and spray with the Metallic Rose Gold. I did 2 coats on both the large and small letters.               
  6. Set the frame and letters aside to dry and spray the inner part of the frame with Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer Ballet Slipper in Satin Finish. It took about 3 coats to get vibrant even finish.   
  7. To add a deeper pop of color I decided to add accent paper flowers. If you do not know how to make paper flowers you can watch this tutorial we made last year for larger flowers. I recommend using watercolor or canvas paper when you are using spray paint. To get the pop of brilliant color we sprayed the petals with Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer Burgundy in Satin Finish.   
  8. Once all the pieces of the project are dry, assemble the frame and use industrial glue to attach the letters to the inside of the frame. 
  9. Set the frame on the dessert table and accent with the paper flowers. If you hang the frame, attach the flowers to the corners with industrial glue.

DIY Wedding Sign

DIY Wedding Monogram Sign

DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY Wedding Decor 

Krylon has a huge selection of colors and finishes to match your wedding colors and theme! 

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xoxo- LL

 DIY Monogram Wedding Sign

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