DIY Woodland Flower Crown

by Chan Vu, Mar 13 2017

Wedding season has begun and trending this year is a woodland wedding theme. A woodland wedding include lots of greenery, fresh garden flowers and whimsical decor. One of the cutest woodland accessory I love is the flower crown.
The materials used to make this woodland flower crown can be purchased at your local grocery store and craft store. The total cost for this project is under $20! This is a great idea for DIY brides on a budget and looking for that perfect backyard wedding look. 

DIY Woodland Flower Crown


fresh flowers with plenty of greenery

florist tape

wire, cut to fit around your head



1. Twist the ends of the wire to secure it.

2. Lay out the flowers and green fillers the way you want it arranged on the crown. (I did a half crown.)

DIY Woodland Flower Crown

3. Trim the flowers and greenery leaving 1 inch of stem. Use the florist tape to wrap the stem and wire in place. Keep wrapping the tape around while adding the next flower and green stem. (The florist tape is adhesive and will hold the stem along the wire.)

DIY Woodland Flower Crown

4. When you are done, continue wrapping the tape until the entire wire is covered with green florist tape. 

DIY Woodland Flower Crown

DIY Woodland Flower Crown

Now your crown is ready for it's close up! This is an easy project to work on the day before your wedding. Spray water on the flower and keep it refrigerated until the big day.

DIY Woodland Flower Crown

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