Easy Sunglass Decorating for Kids

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 02 2022
Y’all this little girl is my mini through and through! I have been having so much fun making videos with her! Today we are using Tulip dimensional fabric paint “puffy paint” to decorate sunglasses. Tune in as Lily and I share an easy way to add flair to your sunnies! And get some laughs from my mini!
When experimenting with Lily, we discovered this method was easier for little kiddos to create designs rather than decorating directly on the sunglasses. 


Decorating Sunglasses Kids Craft


Project Video:


1. Tape your wax paper down to prepare for tracing

2. Trace both sides of your sunglasses onto the wax paper using your dry erase marker

3. Use your Tulip Dimensional Fabric paint to create a design on your tracing

5. Let your design dry and peel your designs off of the wax paper

6. Use your Aleene's Tacky Glue to glue your designs to your sunglasses

This post is sponsored by Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint but all thoughts and opinions are my own!  

xoxo - Lynn

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