Easy Wedding DIYs with Bow K

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 20 2017

Listen up do it yourself brides and bridesmaids!!! Planning a wedding can be stressful, costly and just crazy. Trust me, I know! I planned my own and before Craft Box Girls, I was a wedding and corporate event planner with quite a few glorious nuptials under my belt. I am so excited to share my latest find for making floral and ribbon design a cinch. I teamed up with Bow K®, a crafting tool that makes it easy to create professional arrangements using ribbons, bows, fresh & silk flowers, candy and more! I am so bummed this product was not around for my wedding but I am definitely going to use it to make a keepsake ribbon Bow K from my baby shower gifts! The possibilities are endless when you can easily re-use your Bow K a million times. I created a fresh, floral bridal Bow K that is absolutely gorgeous and a bridal shower ribbon Bow K that is perfect for a bride to use at the rehearsal. 

Also, don’t miss my 5 tips for stress-free wedding planning at the end of the post!

Bow K

Why I love Bow K:

The creative possibilities are endless. There is no wrong way to Bow K! Simply select a decorative item and thread it through one of the circular holes to get started. It is practically fail proof and allows for anyone to be an arrangement pro!

DIY Floral Bow K


  • Bow K
  • Assortment of flowers
  • Ribbon/Bows/Burlap (one long piece)
  • Floral Shears/Sharp Scissors
  • Bridal picks (optional)
  • Wide mouth vase (optional)
  • Pins 

Bow K Supplies

Tips & Insider Information:

  • In the design pictured above, I used yellow hydrangeas, baby’s breath, green filler, lilies, and berries. I purchased all these flowers at my grocery store for $25.
  • Pick an assortment of flower shapes and sizes. I like to make sure I have one selection that is large and a statement. In this case, it is my yellow hydrangeas.
  • If you are looking for inexpensive floral picks (pearls, jewels, etc), visit your craft store’s bridal section.
  • Use ribbon with flowers to create multiple textures and dimensions to your arrangement.


  1. Trim the ends of the flowers at an angle under running water.
  2. Use a wide mouth vase to support the Bow K while you are adding flowers.
  3. Start with your large statement flowers (yellow hydrangeas) in the center. I like to start with the large pieces then build out.
  4. Cut a few strips of burlap and add around the hydrangeas. Bow K How-To
  5. Fill in the flowers balancing the design as you go.
  6. Add a colorful ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colors. Bow K Bridal
  7. Once the Bow K is completely filled and you are in love with it, trim the ends of the flowers so they are about 1 inch past the handle of the Bow K.
  8. Take the long piece of ribbon or burlap and tightly wrap it around the base of the Bow K securing the stems. Secure the ribbon with pins.
  9. Store in the refrigerator in water until ready to use.

DIY Flower Arrangement


I was so obsessed with this design I pulled out my wedding dress for the first time since my wedding 4 years ago to take a few photos!

DIY Bridal Flowers

DIY Bridal Bow K 

Why I love Bow K for Bridal Arrangements?

  • You can create a magazine shoot worthy arrangement for under $50. An arrangement like this from a florist could run you well over $200!  
  • The Bow K makes it easy to preserve. After your wedding hang your Bow K upside down and spray with hairspray every few days. Keep it hanging upside down until it is completely dry. After it is dry you can display it in a beautiful vase and cherish your wedding memories daily.

Bridal Shower Bow K

As the bride is opening her gifts, a bridesmaid can be collecting bows and ribbons while another one is assembling the Bow K so by the end of the shower the Bride has a beautiful keepsake rehearsal arrangement!


  • Bow K in White
  • Ribbons and Bows from Bridal Shower Presents

 Bow K Ribbon Supplies


  1. Collect the bows and ribbons from the bride’s gifts. Start around the outside of Bow K. Add larger bows first and fill in with smaller bows.                                                                                      DIY Ribbon Bow K
  2. Feed the loose ends of the ribbon through the holes in the Bow K. Let the ribbon hang for now. Build your Bow K up as you move toward the center.                                                                  DIY Ribbon Bow K
  3. In the Bow K pictured, I created a large bow for the center using loose ribbon to tie the arrangement together.
  4. For the bows with sticky tabs, fold the sticky tab up to fit through the hole. Once it is through the hole unfold it to prevent it from slipping.                                                                                  Bow K How-To
  5. Once the Bow K is full, take the loose ends of the ribbons and tightly wrap them around the handle. Secure it by using a pin or tying a knot.

DIY Ribbon Bow K

DIY Ribbon Bow K 

Why I love the Bow K for Bridal Shower Bows?

  • Your bridesmaids will love you for making their lives easier.
  • You can turn a mess of bows into a beautiful keepsake arrangement in minutes.
  • No more forgetting the paper the plate or worrying about bows falling off. The Bow K will hold the bows in place and keep it perfectly for ever!

Visit BowK.com to purchase a Bow K for only $19.99 with free shipping (totally worth it- trust me!!). It is offered in white, green and clear (coming soon) to make it perfect for all holidays!

Bow K

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Save the date, July 27 at 7:00pm EST. I will be broadcasting live on Craft Box Girls’ Facebook page to share unique new ways to Bow K. You’ll see first hand how easy it is to construct a beautiful arrangement in minutes.

5 Tips for all my DIY brides that will detox your wedding stress!

  1. Find products that will make creating decorations & wedding essentials a cinch (aka Bow K)
  2. Pull together a bride squad of your family and friends that are 100% reliable! The key to not stressing them out is to give them assignments with specific instructions way in advance of the wedding.
  3. Create your top 5 list featuring the event elements you absolutely must have at your wedding. Examples: flowers, photobooth, band, etc
  4. Timeline! Timeline! Timeline!! Should I say it again? Make a timeline that allows ample time to plan each aspect of your wedding and share that with your bride squad.
  5. Contracts! Contracts! Contracts!! Even if it is your husband’s best friend’s band who agreed to play at your reception for pennies - get a contract. Every person or vendor that is providing a service or product for your wedding should be under contract. Contracts will save you, especially when that band decides they are going pick up a better paying gig 3 days before your wedding. I bet they will change their mind when they see the cancellation clause!

This post is a part of a sponsored content campaign with Bow K® but all opinions, projects, and ideas are my own.

xoxo- LL

Wedding DIYs with Bow K

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