Faux Moss Garden Box

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 15 2016

One of my goals this summer was to improve upon my green thumb issues and start a mini herb garden. Mix this goal with the current trend of natural textures, and you get my favorite new project: a moss garden box. Happy crafting (and gardening)!


  • Wooden garden box
  • Folk Art Painted Finishes Moss in Light Moss and Dark Moss
  • Flat bristle Paintbrush
  • Plants/herbs in pots


  1. Cover a flat surface with craft paper or a drop cloth.
  2. Pour both the Light Moss and Dark Moss paint on a plastic plate. Don’t worry if they mix a little.
  3. Dip the flat side of the brush into the Light Moss paint, lifting straight up. Using a dabbing motion, dab the paint on the garden box with short dab motions, moving up and down. 
  4. Apply a coat of the Light Moss to a section, and, while it is still wet, apply the Dark Moss using the same exact technique. Add as little or as much of the Dark Moss as you see fit. Blend as you go using short, dabbing motions.  
  5. Repeat the steps above for all areas of the garden box.
  6. Make sure to clean brushes with soap and water while they are wet to avoid paint hardening in the bristles.
  7. Technically you should let the product cure for 24 hours, but it dries in about an hour. If you are placing the project outdoors, I would wait 24 hours before displaying.
  8. Add cute tags using hot glue to denote the plant/herb types.

Tip: You can use this paint on wood, paper mache, metal, cardboard, and terra cotta.

xoxo- LL

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