Knit Happens Clay Sweater Coasters

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 08 2019

There is an updated project post for this project that includes written instructions. You can get it to it here!

Knit Happens.... but this knit is just too cute! We used Sculpey clay to create a set of knit sweater coasters for those cold days and hot chocolate mugs! This is just a fun gift or it might just be too cute to give :)


DIY Clay Sweater Coasters

Have fun making! 

xoxo- Lynn

DIY Clay Sweater Coaster

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  • Mary on

    How many ounces of clay per sweater? They are so cute. Want to purchase close amount per sweeter. Making tree decorations as gifts. Thank You!

  • Lynn on

    Keep in the oven at 275 for 12 minutes! The Scupley pack says 15 but I like to play it safe at 12 minutes. It might vary slightly from oven to oven so just keep an eye on them after 11 minutes.

  • Deborah Fishman on

    The Sweater Coasters are So AdorAble. How long does it stay in the oven at 275?
    Looking forward to creating them for the Holidays!

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