Easy Leafy Cherry Pie

by Chan Vu, Sep 05 2018

I always say, "in the south our teas are sweet and our pies are sweeter." With autumn knocking on my door, it's time to enjoy my favorite fall pies with fall festivities. One of my favorite pies is a cherry pie because of the rich and sweet red cherry color. It's always a great idea to combine a cherry pie with a little touch of fall. My touch of fall is in the pie crust. My easy leafy cherry pie is so easy and good. You're going to want to make a few of these. One for you and one your family. 

Fall Leafy Cherry Pie

If you can work a knife and handle dough then you can create this gorgeous leafy cherry pie. It's easy to make because this is a short-cut method using ready-made pie shell and crust. If you have your own pie crust recipe then more power to you. Take your time cutting the leaves and this pie is going to come out perfectly. 

Cut Leaves for Pie

Leafy Cherry Pie

Leafy Pie

Leafy Cherry Pie


Pie crust (dough)

Pie shell

1 can of cherry pie filling

2 tablespoons All-Purpose flour

1 egg yolk


1. Thaw a ready-bake pie crust and shell.

2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

3. Google search for 2-3 images of leaves on the web. Print and cut out the leaves.

4. Sprinkle All-Purpose flour on a working surface. Roll out the pie dough.

5. Trace the leaves on the dough using a sharp fruit knife. Take your time tracing the leaves. Use the knife to draw veins on the leaves.

6. Pour cherry pie filling into the pie shell. Spread the filling evenly. 

7. Lay the leaves on top of the filling in any pattern you like. Leave some space between the leaves as a vent.

8. Brush egg yolk on the leaves and pie edge. 

9. Bake for 45 minutes or until the leaves are golden brown. 

10. Serve with whipped cream.

How to make a leafy cherry pie

Easy Leafy Pie

Now that the leafy cherry pie is baked and ready to eat, I'm going to curl up on my front porch swing, surround myself in the cool autumn air and devour this amazing pie piece by piece. It is so good!

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