3 Fun Ways To Serve Hot Dogs

by Laura Carrozza, Jul 12 2016

With July being National Hot Dog month and National Hot Dog DAY is July 14th, it only seemed fitting that we do a fun feature on {drum roll, please}.....you guessed it! Hot Dogs! 

Hot dogs have been done over time and time again and now pretty much each region in the United States has a signature dog and honestly, nothing makes my mouth water more than a good ole fashion all-American hot dog with mustard and relish. Buuuut, I was getting an itch to try something new and I won't lie, it was kind of hard to think of how to put a new spin on hot dog cuisine. 

I thought long and hard and came up with 3 fun, easy and tasty hot dog dishes. And when I say "tasty," I mean I made them all and sampled each one myself and these recipes are definite keepers. I do have a personal favorite of the 3 but I'll let y'all be the ones to decide which one is your fave!

WARNING! All of these recipes are major game changers and may cause tummy rumbling and mouth drooling. 


Mac & Cheese Hot Dog

What you'll need:

  • Hot dogs (duh haha)
  • Hot dog rolls/buns
  • Your favorite box of macaroni and cheese

Step One:

Start off by cooking the mac and cheese as recommended on the box. While your noodles are cooking in the pot, grill your hot dogs (or cook on a stove top!).

Step Two:

Once the hot dogs are ready, place those bad boys inside the bun, then once your mac and cheese is finished, layer a few spoonfuls of the mac and cheese on top of your hot dog! 

Step Three:



Krispy Kreme Hot Dog

This is a ridiculously super easy one and it's so good that you literally only need two ingredients. I know what you're thinking....eating a hot dog ON a doughnut?! YES! It's seriously is THAT good. 

What you'll need:

  • Hot dogs
  • Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts 

Step One:

Cut your doughnut in half so it looks like the letter C, then slice down the center without breaking the doughnut into two separate pieces. After cutting, I suggest warming the doughnut up in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. This makes it easier to insert the hot dog.

Step Two:

After you've finished cooking your hot dog, gently place inside the doughnut bun and slowly embrace the delicious goodness that is about to take over your tastebuds. 

Step Three:

Call me so we can talk about how flippin' good that Krispy Kreme Hot Dog was!! Amiright?!


Egg-roll Hot Dog

Everything fried is magical.

What you'll need:

  • Hot dogs
  • Egg-roll wrappers
  • Oil (canola or vegetable)
  • Cheese, rice, cabbage, broccoli, etc. (all optional)

Step One:

Depending on how many you are making, you will want to fill your pot up with just enough oil to cover an egg-roll hot dog when it is completely wrapped and submerged. Heat up oil to roughly 350 degrees. Please be careful when handling hot oil.

Step Two:

Lay out the egg-roll wrap in the shape of a diamond, place the uncooked hot dog and all the other ingredients in the center of wrap. Pick the bottom corner up and wrap around hot dog, then fold over the two sides into the middle. You will want to dip your fingers in water and moisten the wrap so it stays closed when folding it over. After you fold the sides into the middle, continue with the top and seal with a little water. It sort of reminded me of playing with paper mache. 

Step Three:

Gently place each egg roll into the pot of boiling oil. Cook in the oil for about 7 minutes of until golden brown. Remove cooked egg-roll with tongs and gently place on a plate. Allow to cool for a few minutes before biting in to it. Add some ketchup or mustard to the side to dip when ready to eat. Enjoy!


I hope you enjoy these recipes and have found a new long for the all American hot dog! Don't forget to tell me which one is your favorite! 


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