No-Sew Craft Apron

by Lynn Lilly, May 14 2020

Did you know there is such a thing as fabric hot glue? Yup, you heard me... fabric hot glue. It dries instantly and withstands the washing machine and dryer! Fabric hot glue was one of my favorite finds of 2019! Do you know what was my other favorite thing of 2019? Creating my own glue gun with the best glue gun manufacturer, Surebonder! Now you can use Surebonder fabric hot glue sticks with my brand new cordless detail point hot glue gun! Check out easy it is to upgrade a plane craft apron with pretty fabric, ribbon, and trim! 


No-Sew Craft Apron with Lynn Lilly by Surebonder Hot Glue Gun

I hope you will consider buying my glue gun! I promise you will love it! 

xoxo- Lynn

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No-Sew Craft Apron

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