Outdoor Table Makeover

by Lynn Lilly, May 02 2019

I have been wanting to give my deck furniture a makeover for a while but my time has been limited with a crazy work schedule and mom life! I was excited to partner with Wagner SprayTech, which gave me the perfect excuse to reinvent our withered patio table and basic metal chairs for Summer! If you have never used a Wagner paint sprayer you have not experienced the magic and ease of spraying paint, and you are in for a treat.

Check out how ugly our table was.......

Wagner Table Makeover


  • Wagner Flexio 4000
  • Outdoor Latex Paint & Primer in One (I selected a salmon color for the table and a light gray for the chairs)
  • Electric Handheld Sander
  • Tarps
  • Gloves/Mask 

Project Time: 5 Hours

Check out everything that comes with the Flexio 4000

Wagner Flexio 4000 Wagner Flexio 4000


  1. Sand the project surface to remove all existing finishes. Once you have the table sanded to a smooth finish, wipe off all excess dust.  
  2. We used soapy water and a brush to clean the chairs. Air dry the chairs and make sure they are completely free of dust and debris.  Wagner
  3. Cover the entire work area with a tarp(s).
  4. Unbox the Flexio 4000 and read all instructions for assembly before getting started. 
  5. Mix the paint and fill the material container with paint.     Wagner Table Makeover
  6. Make sure the material container is tightly screwed into the nozzle and the air hose is properly attached to the turbine. 
  7. Once the Flexio 4000 is assembled, practice spraying on the practice sheet included with the instructions. This step really helped me learn the proper motions and right settings for the power dial and material flow control. For coating, large surfaces use a high air power and material flow.                                                            Wagner Flexio 4000
  8. Once comfortable I was ready to move on to the table. Make sure to hold the sprayer about 6-8 inches from the project.
  9. Make sure you have the air cap ears vertical when you are spraying up and down and horizontal when spraying side to side.          
  10. Depending on the project and paint you might need to apply two coats. My table required two coats and the chairs looked great with one coat. If applying multiple coats make sure to allow adequate dry time between coats.                         Wagner Flexio 4000 Wagner Flexio 4000 
  11. Once the project is complete make sure that you follow the instructions to properly clean the nozzle(s), filters and air valve tube. 

And the big reveal for my first outdoor celebration of the season...... 

Outdoor Table Makeover

Patio Table Flip

Patio Table DIY

DIY Patio Table Flip

DIY Patio Table Makeover

DIY Outdoor Table Flip

DIY Table Makeover

I can't get over the transformation! My husband came home and his first reaction was "WOW, it looks like a brand new table!"  After seeing how easy it was to use the Wagner Flexio 4000 I am adding to my project list! 

See more creative projects using the Wagner Sprayers: Website | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

xoxo- LL 

This is a sponsored post with Wagner SprayTech but all project ideas, images and opinions are my own! 

DIY Table Makeover


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