Parade Accessories

by Chan Vu, Jun 20 2016

Labor Day marks the end of summer and a reminder to get out and celebrate #merica with family, friends, neighbors and the community. One of my favorite patriotic activities activity is to attend an annual parade happening around town. It's a celebration of everything great about being an American.

Who doesn't love seeing the vibrant costumes and accessories that bring life to the celebration? You show up wearing face paint, red, white and blue and a proud smile. If your kids enjoy dressing up with you then here are some family parade accessories you can make to bring to this summer's parade. 

Foam Crown for Parade Accessories

Foam Crown

Take a plain white foam visor and turn it up side down. Decorate it with red and blue foam stars on the lid.  Wear the visor up side down like a crown. 

Star Wand for Parade Accessories

Star Wand

Cut 3 feet of red, white and blue ribbons. Use as many ribbons as you like. Use a rubber band to tie the ribbons to a 2 feet dowel. Cut out two stars from a sheet of glitter paper. Glue the stars together leaving a gap at the bottom the star. Cover the end of the dowel with the stars to cover the rubber band. Wave the wand like a flag with the strings flying below like a kite.

American Princess Sash for Parade Accessory


Cut a thick white ribbon long enough to wear like a sash. Cut out letters and a star with glitter paper. Glue the letters on the ribbon. Secure the ends of the ribbon with a safety pin and cover with the star. 

Parade Accessories

These are just a few examples of parade accessories you can make for the family. Show your American spirit with these DIY accessories and hashtag #cbgcreate. 

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